Fertilizzanti organici Snoop's Premium Nutrients


Fertilizer is a nutrient to be administered to plants grown both indoors and outdoors for perfect cultivation. In fact, the fertilizer present in our Eureka Grow Shop catalog significantly increases the performance of plants, and pushes them to grow and flower as much as possible.

Most fertilizers are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus because they are chemical elements of fundamental importance for the growth and flowering of plants grown indoors, outdoors and hydroponics. Without these elements, in fact, the plants would face certain death.

Fertilizers make plants grow and bloom in the best way in any type of cultivation. In particular, Biobizz and Plagron are very powerful fertilizers capable of significantly increasing the final yields of plants.

Making homemade fertilizer is never the best choice for plant health and life, in fact if fertilizer is not done for the best it could kill your plants. Therefore, we recommend that anyone buy highly reputed fertilizers to make sure they never go wrong.

Biobizz fertilizers are among the best on the world market. Their fame comes mainly from their efficiency and power. Using biobizz fertilizers is easier than you think, in fact you just need to stay within the recommended doses of the biobizz table, that is an indicative card of how and how many ml of fertilizers to use. Biobizz fertilizers must be diluted in 1 liter of water.


Los Nutrientes son fertilizantes orgánicos de alta calidad diseñados por Snoop Dogg, conocido rapero estadounidense. Snoop Dogg antes de lanzar su línea de fertilizantes contactó con científicos de todo el mundo con el objetivo de formular una línea de nutrientes, utilizando únicamente Ingredientes y líquidos de alta calidad que proporcionan exactamente todo lo que tus plantas necesitan. Ahora que está usando SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS, prepárese para rendimientos y calidad PREMIUM. Estos fertilizantes orgánicos tienen numerosas características que los hacen especiales y únicos en el mundo en su género. En particular, sus propiedades harán que tus plantas produzcan al máximo durante la fase de floración. Mientras que, cuando se utilizan durante el período de crecimiento vegetativo, estos fantásticos fertilizantes orgánicos permitirán que tus plantas crezcan robustamente como los árboles reales.