These are complete kits with all the accessories that allow you to grow indoors and outdoors perfectly. They include grow boxes, grow lamps and all the secondary accessories ideal for your garden.

The cultivation kits, both indoor and outdoor ones, allow you to buy together all the tools necessary for an  excellent cultivation, and thus saving considerably rather than buying them in single pieces.

For lighting kit we mean equipment that includes grow lamps and all the accessories necessary to increase their power and the width of the beam of light, such as the reflectors.

As for the grow box kits, these are equipment that include the grow box and all the accessories to guarantee a perfect indoor cultivation. Thanks to these grow box kits, therefore, we will be able to grow indoors in the best possible way.

In our Eureka Grow Shop catalog there are numerous grow kits of excellent quality and convenience. In particular, there are kits from globally renowned brands such as Secret Jardin, Pure Tent, Lumatek, Lightrail, Proton and Apollo.


The Complete Grow Box Kits are equipment for indoor cultivation that will allow you to undertake your special and magical culture. In particular, they are composed of the best grow boxes of international brands, such as Mammoth, Secret Jardin and The Pure Factory. In addition to this, in our special catalog there are also various grow box kits containing grow lamps indoor, with the aim of saving money and growing economically and quick. Grow Box Kit guarantees a fantastic final yield, worthy of any grower! In addition, the ease of cultivation will be extreme, even novice and novice growers will be able to cultivate their passion in the best way! Our Eureka Grow Shop Team also guarantees a special guarantee lasting two years as well as the lowest price on the web, and more. Growing indoors has never been so simple! We also recommend that you choose the Indoor Growing Kits to cultivate your hobby in a simple, quick way and above all incredibly cheap!