You can buy papers and paper filters on Within our Head Shop catalog you can find many different brands of international level such as RAW papers, OCB papers and the Bulldog Amsterdam papers.

Gluing two short papers is extremely simple, it will be enough to wet the glue present in one of the two papers with tongue, then we will have to attach it to the end of the other. However, this is not convenient given that could unstuck during the rolling, so it will be better to buy excellent long papers online present on our site.

The OCB papers have a different cost as regards the model, which can be slim papers, premium papers, etc. OCB papers and paper filters generally have a low cost, and are products of excellent quality.

The RAW papers  are present on our website at an affordable price for all audiences. In particular, these are boxes of RAW papers and cardboard filters having an exceptional ratio quality/price.

Making filters is easier than you think, it will be necessary to fold the half of the entire filter into three/fours small parts and roll it up completely.


In our head shop catalog  are available to anyone maps and paper filters of the best brands in the world. Let’s start from a premise, a good filter map can definitely improve the smoking experience. We supply smoking items, papers, filters and accessories for smokers  all over the world. Our online articles for the sale of maps and filters are the best used by experienced smokers. There are two types of generally used papers, the short ones  are the most commonly used papers for rolled cigarettes, in jargon also called drum or drummini that you prefer. The dimensions are about 70 mm by 36 mm. Long maps are much larger maps, typically 110 mm long by 44 mm wide. The role of filters is to prevent fumes from arriving during combustion and suction, precisely from the harmful substances that are released, limiting their accumulation in the lungs. The use of the filter, however, is a subjective matter, since many smokers prefer to enjoy the taste of their passion not using the filter as was the case in the past. Obviously, for greater prevention, we strongly recommend the use of paper filters of  excellent quality. For those approaching this world for the first time, our advice is to use 6 mm Slim filters, rough, just to overcome the difficulty of learning to roll with your fingers in the best way.