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Press rosin is very simple, however we will first need a special high quality professional rosin press, which can be found in our catalog of rosin presses at an excellent quality/price ratio, rosin press with an economic and convenient price. Subsequently you will have to use the machine to press the rosi in the best way through the use of special rosin bags.

A rosin press is a press that can be used to make rosin by extracting the resin from the buds. There are numerous rosin presses and it is very difficult to choose one, especially there are two premium brands: Qnubu and Jack Puck. Choosing the best rosin press is also impossible because it depends on the quantity of rosin to be produced, but we at Eureka Grow Shop recommend the QNUBU PRO-ROT PRESS 10 TON and the ROSIN JACK PUCK 8 TON PRESS.

Use a rosin press is very simple, in fact, it will be necessary to turn on and bring the plate of the press to a temperature of about 100/150 °C, and then insert the inflorescences in a rosin bag or sheet of baking paper folded in two, to then place the parchment paper on the press plate, close tightly and activate the pressure for about 3 seconds. Then we open the press and remove the baking paper and then open it to remove the inflorescences. Finally, we scrape the rosin obtained from the parchment paper and it will be ready to be smoked or stored.


Rosin is a solid resin obtained mainly from dry plants or herbs through a resin extraction process equipped with solvents. Some of you are probably familiar with pine rosin, which is used to treat violins and bows. What makes the Rosin technique different from other resin extraction processes like BHO is that they are used with pressure and heat for pressing rosin. A simple method that offers a product very similar to that obtained with solvent extraction procedures.

The Rosin technique is a development of resin extraction based on rosin press, which can be purchased at excellent prices on our website. The principle is based on pressing some cured buds between the hot plates of the press, until they have a resin rich in terpenes. What’s even more exciting about this technique is that no special skills or abilities are required to perform it. You will only need a normal rosin press, as mentioned above, a few sheets of parchment paper and, of course, the mystical buds cannot be missing. When extracting Rosin from a piece of the flower you tend to get a similar amount of melt to the original.


Extractive techniques are used to separate plant components and remove them from plant material. The different methods contain different chemicals. In our case, extraction techniques are often used to isolate the desired components. Extraction techniques are also used to isolate individual substances of interest such as terpenes and flavonoids.

The extracts are different depending on the method by which they are obtained. While the concentrates are made with natural methods, the extracts are obtained through the use of solvents. In extractions the most popular types of solvents are butane (BHO), carbon dioxide (CO2), ethanol (ethyl alcohol), and propane.

Concentrates, commonly known as extracts from our plant, are significantly more potent than regular buds. They have various medical applications which are effective for patients suffering from various ailments. When made correctly, the concentrates remember the strain from which they were obtained, that is: the aroma, the flavor and the effects are amplified, this is due to a higher percentage concentration by weight. There are various concentrates such as:

  • Kief: it is the simplest of the concentrates and is made up of trichomes (crystalline resin glands that cover the surface of the flowers) which detach from the dried plant material. Remember that when separated from the plant, kief looks like a powder or pollen.
  • Dry Sieve: created without solvent, the plant material is passed through a series of fine mesh filters so that only the trichome heads remain. The dry sieve remains one of the easiest methods ever!
  • Extraction with water or ice: Ice water extraction (2 C° or less) is one of the most common processes used to make solvent-free extracts. The main goal of this technique is to isolate the trichome heads from stems and plant matter that have little medicinal use.
  • Rosin: The Rosin technique consists in dissolving the resin glands of the trichomes between two sheets of parchment paper, on which they accumulate over time. These are then scraped and separated from the parchment paper until a waxy and compact mass is obtained, ready to be consumed like any other concentrate. To extract Rosina you will need the following tools:
  1. A rosin press;
  2. Sheets of parchment paper;
  3. Razor blade to collect rosin;
  4. Your favorite tops;
  5. And finally a 25 micron fine mesh net.

Best rosin press uk

In our catalog there are numerous rosin presses so it is almost impossible to choose the best rosin press uk. In fact, everything depends on the quantity of rosin to be produced and the type of rosin press chosen, but there is in our catalog a particular resin press of great renown that we believe is the best rosin press uk in terms of quality/price ratio: Qnubu Pro Hydraulic Press 6 Ton.

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