It is absolutely possible to smoke without rolling papers, for example using electronic cigarettes, desktop or portable vaporizers, pipes, bongs, etc. In particular, using the vaporizers we will be protected from the phenomenon of combustion present in the joints, therefore we will also preserve our health.

Of course, it is possible to use tissue paper to roll a joint but it is absolutely not recommended, in fact the phenomenon of burning tissue paper will be even more toxic than normal rolling papers, furthermore the combustion will be very rapid and the flavor will be absolutely ruined!

If you don’t have rolling paper available, and maybe you can’t go downstairs to buy them because it’s late at night, we strongly advise you not to smoke anything else instead of rolling papers. Wait for the next day and buy professional rolling papers, in our catalog there are numerous brands of high quality rolling papers at a low price.

Using rolling papers is very simple, especially the long rolling papers are used to roll joints, while the short rolling papers are used to make cigarettes. You can view a tutorial on youtube if you don’t know how to roll joints.

Rolling with Raw rolling papers is very simple, even easier compared to other brands of rolling papers. In fact, Raw papers have a much thinner weight and are lighter papers, so rolling joints with Raw rolling papers will be even easier.


In our head shop catalog, rolling papers and filters from the best brands in the world are available to anyone. Let’s start from a premise, a good filter can definitely improve the smoking experience. We supply smoking articles, rolling papers, paper filters and accessories for smokers all over the world. Our online articles for the sale of rolling papers and filters are the best used by expert smokers. There are two types of rolling papers generally used, the short ones are the most commonly used rolling papers for rolled cigarettes, also called drum or drummini if ​​you prefer.

Dimensions are approximately 70mm by 36mm. Long rolling papers are much larger rolling papers, typically 110mm long by 44mm wide. The role of the filters is to prevent the fumes from arriving during combustion and aspiration, precisely from the harmful substances that are released, limiting their accumulation in the lungs. The use of the filter, however, is a subjective matter, as many smokers prefer to enjoy the taste of their passion by not using the filter as was the case in the past. Obviously, for greater prevention, we strongly recommend the use of excellent quality filters. For those approaching this world for the first time, our advice is to use rough Slim 6 mm filters, precisely to overcome the difficulty of learning to roll with your fingers in the best way.


After having stated that rolling papers are an essential accessory for smokers, and having listed various types of smoking papers, we at Eureka Grow Shop can state that the best rolling paper for smoking are raw rolling papers.


Joint papers are commonly called long papers or roller papers, they are essential for making a joint with the use of mixed tobacco in addition to slim filters. Joint papers are among the most purchased worldwide thanks to their extremely low price in our catalog of rolling papers and filters.


Making reed filters using filters is very simple, even if it can be complicated for novice smokers. Just use a filter included in the package of long rolling paper, fold one end into 2-3-4 parts (depending on your preference), then roll up the other end incorporating all the folds made on the previous end, and here are the perfect filters reeds.

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