This is a Spanish company dedicated to the development, distribution and production of products dedicated to resin extraction, vaping, packaging and smoking. Eureka Grow Shop works only with the best brands in the world, which allows us to always offer the best news in the industry with confidence and reliability on their quality. In particular, it is a manufacturer of resin presses (resin extraction), more commonly called Rosin Press. These Rosin presses possess  unique and unimaginable characteristics, such as strong robustness, automatic electronic operation  and the quality guaranteed by the Qnubu brand. They are also extremely simple to use, even beginners will be able to use the Qnubu Rosin Press. For the extraction of resin there will be a considerable need for the purchase and use of a special hydraulic press, so choose one intelligently  in our catalog and prepare yourself to the fullest! Qnubu presses are the best in the world. Eureka Grow Shop offers the public these fantastic rosin presses for the extraction and compression of resin at an extremely low and discounted price, practically outlet prices! Available to the passion of customers only and exclusively the best international products. Cultivate, extract and press your passion with eurekagrow.com in the best way!

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