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It is possible to buy precision scale on our website, in fact there is a wide range of digital precision scales with excellent quality and super cheap prices in our head shop catalogue.

The most accurate precise digital precision scales 0.001 g are precision scales of modern high technology and high quality that are able to measure the weight from values starting from 0.001 g, this to make people understand the great precision of these digital scales, they are present in the our catalog at a low price.

Any precision balance has a key inserted with the purpose of calibrating it, this key can be “Mode”, “Cal” or “Functions”. After we have identified it, we must hold it down for a few seconds, and at this point we will see the values on the monitor change, a few zeros will come out first and finally the writing CAL.

On a digital scale that measures weight in ounces, one gram equals precisely 0.3537 ounces. It is therefore very simple to make the calculations using a precision digital scale in ounces.

Certainly, a digital scale can be off by10 pounds very easily. In fact, in our head shop catalog there are numerous models of high quality and robust precision scales under 10 pounds. And they are all high-precision digital scales starting from 0.001 g.


Precision scale, also known as a precision balance, is a accurate scales for small weights designed to provide highly accurate results in the sub-milligram range. For measuring small samples, precision scales provide a simple, fast and accurate way to determine the weight of, for example, particulate matter.

Precision scales are available in a wide range of capacities up to 64 kg and provide resolution in the range from 1 mg (0.001 g scale) to 1 g or up to 3 decimal places. A high precision precision scale can further increase this accuracy to 4 decimal places, in 0.0001 g (0.1 g scales) increments on the display. The precision scale provides stable readings over a wider range of environmental conditions than analytical balances, which must always be used under certain conditions to ensure accurate results.

Because it’s less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and airflow, a precision scale is a more practical method of measurement. Although a draft shield is not always necessary, it is best to use a draft shield to ensure optimal performance when working with a 1 mg readability precision balance in a hood or under normal conditions.