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The precision balance  is an extremely delicate weight measurement instrument with remarkable efficiency. A precision balance in fact manages to measure from 0.01g (some even 0.001g ), or extremely light weights but of unique importance.

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You can buy a precision balance in the catalog of our online shop at extremely advantageous prices and including warranty with a duration of 3 years.


A laboratory precision balance, also known as a top loading scale, is a weighing system designed to provide highly accurate results in range less than one milligram. To measure small samples, precision balances provide a simple, fast and accurate way to determine the weight, for example, of the particulate matter. electronic scales precision are available in a wide range of capacities up to 64 kg and guarantee a resolution in the range from 1 mg (0.001g) to 1 g or up to 3 decimal places. A high-precision precision laboratory balance can further increase this accuracy to 4 decimal places, in increments of 0.0001 g (0.1 mg) on ​​the display. Precision Balances provide stable readings over a wider range of environmental conditions than Analytical Balances , which must always be used under certain conditions to ensure accurate results. Because it is less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and airflow, a precision balance is a more practical method of measurement. Although a draft shield is not always necessary, it is best to use a draft shield to ensure optimum performance when working with a precision balance with a resolution of 1 mg in a fume hood or under normal conditions.