Magical butter


The MagicalButter Machine is able to perform all the different types of botanical infusions such as butters, oils, tinctures and oil concentrates. Butter, which is the simplest and most basic infusion to make.

No. We do not recommend it. You can smoke magical butter oil, but you would not really get the same effect.

First, place the product you have just decarified (12-28g per cup of butter) into our Magical Butter Machine. Then add 2-5 cups of clarified butter and a tablespoon of lecithin per cup of butter you use. Then press 2 buttons and let it work its magic!

If you want to get strong mental high from your edible foods, yes, decarb is needed.

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Magical Butter is a brand very present in recent years in our world, has designed various products for the kitchen of our passion including the  integrated  digital probe thermometer that allows you to calibrate the oven temperature for a precise cooking time; the display  it allows you to see the exact temperature of the inside of the oven without opening it saving time. Another product is the Botamic Extractor which is a magic butter machine that  can make it easier to create infused butter than our passion. It was created a few years ago and was immediately loved by many of us to create extremely powerful edible foods.  Magical Butter can make 5 cups of butter without requiring more thantwo hours of time, it can look very similar to a coffee maker and in addition it is included with colored LED lights and various temperatures. With this machine you can create extensive recipes of magic butter and in addition the work on your part will be the bare minimum. It is able to heat, mix and grind the various materials with the right time. So the Magical Butter Machine is very easy to use and is recommended especially for people who produce passion butter most of the year.  Magical Butter has also created the essential  silicone trays for pastry chefs that allows the production of candies or bakery products, they are very resistant and easy to wash therefore comfortable. Finally there is the Mat for the oven very useful because it allows you to no longer consume the baking paper and you can use it many times since it is a silicone product, you can safely wash it in the dishwasher without creating problems or damage.