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Weed vaporizers are perfectly legal all over the world, what makes the difference is the weed contained inside where in many countries of the world it is still illegal today. However, the sale, purchase and possession of a weed vaporizers is completely legal.

Vaporize weed using a grinder and a vaporizer is very easy, in fact it will only be necessary to grind the weed using a weed grinder. The best way to descale your vaporizer is to clean it with vinegar, then use water to wash away any traces of the vinegar.

Making a long rolling paper at home isn’t the best idea one could have, but at least once in their life everyone has found themselves late at night ready to roll a joint, unfortunately realizing that we had run out of long rolling papers! Therefore, the best possible way to make a long rolling paper at home is to combine two short rolling papers, if you don’t even have short rolling papers you can try the old anti-crisis method: Making a long rolling paper using paper from the shoebox.

We at Eureka Grow Shop strongly recommend the use of a vaporizer with the aim of preserving the consumer’s health (in fact, he will not be subjected to the phenomenon of combustion), a lot of money will be saved in the long run and the effects are stronger and longer lasting.

Keeping your grinder clean is essential to preserve its life and quality, no one ever wants to have a caked up and ruined grinder, especially if it cost a lot of money. Cleaning the grinder is very simple, we recommend immersing it in water and salt for about 30 minutes, then rinsing it with water and drying it.


Eureka Grow Shop is not just a grow shop, but we also have this section of our website dedicated to the head shop, ie items for smokers including rolling papers and filters, vaporizers for weed and hash, precision scales, smoking pipes, rosin presses, grinders and rolling trays.

Our head shop is the best stocked in all of Italy and we guarantee cheap prices on all products, in fact we are famous as an international level head shop thanks above all to the quality/price ratio of our head shop items.

We are also among the main head shop suppliers, in fact we also have a wholesale head shop available in our head shop where we guarantee products from the head shop sector at a professional price both in retail and wholesale for owners of head shop with a VAT number, head of course both physical shops and online activities.

In this section of our site called head shop we have a wide range of items for head shop available, in particular the strong points of our head shop catalog are two: Rolling Papers and Filters and Weed Vaporizer.


Our headshop, also called head shop near me, is an online business and we operate throughout Europe, we have a very extensive range of top quality items for head shop, we also own numerous international brands always concerning head shop. Our head shop near me guarantees delivery within 24/48 hours of all head shop items. Choose your head shop products in our head shop near me catalog and smoke your passion!


Naturally, for all physical or online head shop traders we have the same and identical number of head shop products available for VAT registered owners of the head shop sector and also grow shops. This project of ours has been called head shop amsterdam and has the purpose of supplying as many head shop traders as possible in Europe. Our head shop amsterdam features internationally renowned products at very affordable prices. If you also want to buy products from our head shop amsterdam at professional prices, register/login on the RESELLERS page.

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