Using a grow light is extremely simple, in fact it will be enough to buy an excellent quality grow light with a full spectrum of light and as close as possible to that of the sun and place it at the right distance from the plants, and then see them grow and bloom at their best.

A grow light is an extremely powerful light with a very broad spectrum of light similar to the natural one of the sun. The grow light will allow plants grown in grow boxes to face their life cycle and be able to produce as much as possible.

The perfect distance between the plants and the grow light is around 30-40cm for a 600W HPS, CMH and LED grow system. However, some types of grow lights will need different distances, for example CFL lamps will need to be placed at a shorter distance.

In our grow light catalog there are numerous models and brands of world-class grow lights. In our opinion, the best grow lights on the market are LED grow lights, in particular those of Pure Led are among the best in the world for indoor cultivation.

During the vegetative phase of plants grown indoors, a cold white light from the grow light is required, in fact it will allow the plants to grow at their best. While for the flowering period you will need a red light. But there are types of lamps that are perfect for the entire pint life cycle, such as LED grow lights.


In an indoor grow, one or more grow lights should be placed on top of the plants. By switching on a grow light, the light branches out in all directions, regardless of its light intensity. Some of them will surely reach the plants, performing their intended function. The reflectors are tools that direct the diffused light directly onto the plants, increasing coverage and light intensity. Result? Higher yields without wasting light from your already optimized lighting system. Things get complicated when it comes to choosing from a wide range of reflectors, available in all shapes and materials. There is no better reflector than others. The “best” choice depends entirely on the existing equipment in the growing area and how it is used, as well as the budget and available space. In particular, in our Indoor Kit catalog there are numerous Growing Kits and Indoor Lighting Kits , where you can buy grow light kits already containing reflectors and further accessories; this will save time and money.