These are indoor grow lights with metal halide, which are mainly divided into lamps for the vegetative growth phase and lights for the flowering period. Although many of these lamps are suitable for the vegetative phase and also for the flowering phase of plants. This is in order to best concentrate the respective light spectrum of the Mh lamp for each period of life of the plants grown indoors. This can represent a great advantage for the final yields of the plants, but also a disadvantage, namely that of having to buy and install two different lamps instead of just one mh lamp; But fear not, in our catalog there are also two metal halide grow lamps suitable for both the vegetative phase and for indoor flowering, namely Sunmaster Deluxe 400W and Sunmaster Deluxe 600W. The exhaust pipe of these indoor grow lights is made of tempered quartz.


The advantages of these excellent grow lamps are various, for example they do not consume a large amount of electricity and guarantee an abundant final yield. Furthermore, the light spectrum of an mh lamp is very similar to that of the sun, covering a very large growing area. These fantastic lights are therefore suitable for the phase that includes the entire life cycle of plants. Extremely strong and durable exhaust pipe and thus reduces the rate of premature failures.

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