LEC CMH GROW LIGHT (Light Emitting Ceramic)

LEC grow light are extremely powerful and reliable lights, destined to revolutionize the indoor growing sector. They turn out to be new on the market and have already achieved great success on an international scale. Their potency and efficiency has even opened the eyes of many experienced growers, who have been amazed by the potential of these fantastic lec grow lights in grow box. But where does their success come from? Obviously from their abundant indoor production, but not only, in fact these grow lights have the ability to consume little energy, almost nothing. Furthermore, their main feature is to cover a large cultivation area in order to illuminate as many plants as possible and imaginable. A cmh lec 315w 4000k for example can perfectly illuminate up to 5 plants. Excellent lamps are for example the solux pro.


The light spectrum of Lec Cmh lamps is perfect for any type of indoor cultivation. In fact, that of the lamps turns out to be a spectrum of light almost identical to that of natural sunlight, therefore one of the best choices for our fantastic indoor plants.

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