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The grow box fans guarantee an excellent recirculation of fresh air, which will be essential for the health of your indoor plants. The fans must be installed inside your grow box at a precise distance from your plants, usually at least half a meter from the plants.

The ideal temperature inside a grow box is very important, in fact if the plants do not reach the minimum cultivation temperature (18°C) they could face almost certain death. Therefore, to heat the grow box we recommend that you heat the surrounding environment (a heater is ideal) to the grow tent, so that the grow box also warms up. Never direct the heat source towards your plants.

DIY grow boxes are never the right solution, especially in terms of safety for your plants. Building a grow box is a complex process, it will never be the best choice for professional indoor cultivation. We at Eureka Grow Shop recommend the purchase of an inexpensive and practical grow box for those wishing to build one.

The humidity in the grow box is of utmost importance for the correct growth and flowering of plants. It is very simple to increase the humidity in the grow box, in fact in some cases it will be enough simply a spray of water with which to spray and keep the soil moist (not soup) at least 2-3 times a day. In other cases, however, a humidifier may be needed.

The extractor in a grow box is very important but not essential in all indoor growing. It serves to continuously circulate the air and keep it clean inside the grow box. Assembling the grow box extractor is easier than you think, but each grower is different and to assemble it you simply have to follow the information schedules.


Grow tent kits are equipment for indoor cultivation that will allow you to start growing at home. In particular, they are made up of the best grow boxes from international brands, such as Mammoth, Secret Jardin and The Pure Factory. In addition to this, in our special catalog there are also various complete grow tents kits containing indoor grow lights, with the aim of saving money and cultivating cheaply and quickly.

Tent growing kit guarantees a fantastic final yield, worthy of any grower! Furthermore, the ease of cultivation will be extreme, even beginner and novice growers will be able to cultivate their passion in the best way! Our Eureka Grow Shop Team also guarantees a special two-year guarantee as well as the lowest price on the web, and more. Growing indoors has never been easier! We also advise you to choose the complete growbox to grow your passion in a simple, rapid and above all incredibly economical way!


As already mentioned, buying and using a led grow tent kit will be the best choice both in economic terms and to save a lot of time. A grow tent kits uk that we recommend to the public is the LED Grow Tent Kit, present in our catalog of indoor grow tent kit at a modest price accessible to the public. The LED Grow Tent Kit is a kit for indoor cultivation including a grow tent, LED lamp, various accessories and 12 seeds as a gift. This tent growing kit guarantees the entire life cycle of the lamps, starting from germination of the seed to flowering, this grow box kit is perfect in every phase of the life of indoor plants.


To set up a grow tent kit you only need the instruction manual that you will receive upon delivery of the product, thanks to the instruction material for the complete grow box, assembling the grow tent will be extremely simple and quick: in just 15 minutes your grow tent will be set up! In addition to this, no other tool will be needed, our complete grow tent kit include all the accessories for a special indoor growing. In fact, the grow tent kits include:

  • Complete Growbox;
  • Indoor Grow Light;
  • Lamp stands;
  • Digital thermo hygrometer;
  • Air extractor;
  • Analog timer;
  • Seeds as a gift!

In our immense catalog of growing tent kit there are also numerous complete growbox, i.e. a small grow tent kit suitable for indoor cultivation in small quantities, or for personal use, so as to satisfy even the needs of smaller growers with a tight budget.


Our grow tent kits uk are of exceptional quality and are ideal for growing indoors, plus they are also excellent hydroponic kits as they can be used as a hydroponic grow box without any problems. The indoor grow tent kit help you save time and money: you no longer have to travel the length and breadth of the web to find products for cultivation on sale separately, thanks to our online growshop you can receive all the products you need in a simple and practical growing tent kit. The grow tent kit guarantees the purchase of all products for indoor cultivation at a discounted price accessible to all types of growers.


In our online grow shop there are numerous complete economic top quality grow tents, in particular we recommend the purchase and use of a led grow tent kit for low energy consumption indoor cultivation which will not affect the electricity bill and which guarantees formation of large compact and resinous inflorescences. The led grow tent kit is generally composed of your choice with a series of available led lights, the same thing applies to the grow box which will also be of your free choice. A complete grow box is extremely important if you intend to grow indoors with great success, in fact through the use of a growing tent kit we can guarantee plants everything they need to face their life cycle in an economic way, choose a complete growbox with a simple click.

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