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Indoor grow lights are extremely powerful lights with a very broad spectrum of light similar to the natural one of the sun. They will allow plants grown in grow boxes to face their life cycle and be able to produce as much as possible.

The wattage of the grow lamps will depend on the model you intend to install, in fact a led lamp with effective 100w will be good for plants but if you intend to produce much more you will need to focus on at least 200w, 300w, 600w, 1000w. Instead, for hps and cmh lamps 400w will be enough for a decent indoor cultivation, and if you intend to push productivity more and more you can focus on 600w and 1000w lights.

This will depend on two main factors: the power of the grow light and the breadth of their light spectrum. So, if you have a 150w led grow lamp it will be possible to grow up to 3-4 indoor plants, instead with a 600w cmh lamp you can grow up to 6-7 plants in the grow box. Obviously, the higher the wattage of the lights, the more plants we can grow.

An indoor plant needs, to grow and flower in a good way, at least 100w effective for the led lamps and 400w for the hps and cmh lamps. On the other hand, if we intend to push the productivity of plants to the maximum, we will need LED, lec and hps lamps of higher power (600w-1000w).

During the vegetative growth phase, indoor plants will need 18 hours a day of light and 6 hours of darkness, obviously this also depends on the type of plants that you intend to grow in the grow box.


The grow light kits are an essential component to set up your indoor grow, choosing the solution that works best for you and your grow space. If you have a small grow box, you can choose a CFL light kit or a MH light kit and, if you have more space available, you can choose a professional solution with or without reflector. A reflector is an essential accessory in grow kits, the reflector reflects the light emanating from the grow light! Kits of HPS lights or grow light kits of LED lights are extremely used in larger grow tent. Plus, most grow light kits come with dimmable ballasts, ballasts and cables, ready to use!
In this section there are all types of hps lamps, mh lights, led lights and complete agro lamps ready to use. In addition to the different light spectra emitted, the lamps used for indoor cultivation also have different powers proportional to the wattage.


In our catalog Eureka Grow Shop we provide you with a wide range of grow light kits to help you find your grow light kits by category, surface, power, brand and price. All our grow kits are CE certified and come with a sales guarantee. All our hps, mh and agro grow tent lights consist of the following components:

  • Power supply with thermal protection;
  • Ultra-resistant aluminum reflector;
  • High quality bulbs emit extra lumens;
  • 3-conductor cable with European plug;
  • Instructions;

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