Mammoth Grow Boxes are among the best grow tents around, thanks to their quality and durability they have earned a place in the our catalog.


The Secret Jardin Grow Boxes are among the most requested grow boxes on the market. The Secret Jardin brand includes the Dark Box, Hydro Shoot and Lodge grow tents.


The Pure Factory is a very famous and appreciated international brand. It produces Pure Tent Grow Boxes, of absolute quality and unheard of strength.

DIY grow boxes are never the right solution, especially in terms of safety for your plants. Building a grow box is a complex process, it will never be the best choice for professional indoor cultivation. We at Eureka Grow Shop recommend the purchase of an economical and practical grow box for those who are willing to build one.

Making a grow box is very complicated, but if you want to try to build one we highly recommend making it very resistant and above all waterproof and resistant to cold. Therefore it must be an isolated grow box to dangerous outdoor environments for our indoor plants.

In the grow boxes you can grow all kinds of plants you want! From exotic plants to the most particular you can finally cultivate your passion indoors. Obviously you will have to take care of them by feeding them with certain fertilizers (we recommend Plagron and BioBizz) and offering them abundant light with a grow light.

The humidity in the grow box is of utmost importance for the correct growth and flowering of plants. It is very simple to increase the humidity in the grow box, in fact in some cases it will be enough simply a spray of water with which to spray and keep the soil moist (not soup) at least 2-3 times a day. In other cases, however, a humidifier may be needed.

The extractor in a grow box is very important but not essential in all indoor growing. It serves to continuously circulate the air and keep it clean inside the grow box. Assembling the grow box extractor is easier than you think, but each grower is different and to assemble it you simply have to follow the information schedules.


Pure Tent Grow Boxes are grow tents manufactured exclusively by The Pure Factory. It is a grow box of great quality and convenience, with a perfect quality/price ratio. These exceptional grow tents will finally allow you to start your indoor grow and complete it successfully. In fact, thanks to the Mylar reflective material inside, your indoor plants will absorb an excellent amount of grow light that will allow them to grow and bloom at their best. The Pure Tent grow boxes also have the fantastic ability to allow greater temperature control, so as to make indoor plants feel comfortable. Pure Tent 2.0 is the new sealed grow box that allows greater control over temperature, humidity or light provided by the lighting system. The Grow Boxes Pure Tent are equipped with all the necessary finishes to facilitate any type of installation while remaining competitive on price.


Thanks to The Pure Factory it is possible to grow indoors in the best way possible with fantastic grow tents. The advantages that The Pure Factory grow cabinets possess are numerous, including the most important:

  • Extremely economical price;
  • Easy to assemble and set up;
  • Very strong but light.