The Homebox grow boxes are indoor growing tents characterized by numerous factors that make them the best for the home cultivation present on the world market. They are extremely popular grow cabinets that ensure that any type of grower, from beginner to expert, will grow their favorite seedlings at home easily, quickly and economically. They possess unique and inimitable characteristics, such as the excellent quality of the materials from which it is made, the unheard of strength and the lightness which guarantees fantastic comfort; in fact, these grow boxes can be set up in less than 5 minutes, and can be taken apart in just as long. Thanks to the Homebox grow tents it will be possible for anyone to grow indoor plants. These grow boxes are made of resistant material outside, and of an excellent material reflective Mylar 600D, which will allow the plants to absorb all the artificial light generated by indoor grow lights; in this way, the plants will be able to grow and bloom in the best and simplest way, without being affected by the lack of natural sunlight. The Homebox grow boxes are available in numerous models with considerably different characteristics, in fact we find:

  • Homebox Ambient Q+: That is a grow box for anyone wishing to become an experienced indoor grower, characterized by its economic price and its spatial efficiency!
  • Homebox Ambient R: A truly magical grow tent, which allows anyone to grow indoor plants without any difficulty, the quality/price ratio is the proof!
  • Homebox Triangular+: Growing cabinet at home with special features, in particular we find its price suitable for any type of budget, from the smallest to the largest, as well as its excellent quality for a brilliant home crop!

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