Garden Highpro grow boxes are among the most chosen by growers all over the world due to their exceptional characteristics. In particular, what makes these grow tents so popular is their sturdiness combined with their lightness, so they can be moved anywhere without large efforts. Their comfort therefore remains unique in their kind, guaranteeing high quality materials and a truly fantastic quality/price ratio! Garden Highpro presents its new fantastic range of Probox grow boxes, extremely economical but with unheard of quality. The Garden Highpro Probox Ecopro grow cabinet is built by a prestigious Swiss brand, which offers unique product and manufacturing quality at a super affordable price. Made inside with reflective material in aluminum, or with Mylar 420D, which will allow the plants to absorb all the brightness emanating from the lumens of indoor grow lights, guaranteeing a reflection of 99%. It has various reinforced hinges, stable and anti-cut, with double impenetrable belt, so as not to be able to allow entry even to a crack of external light with range up to about 28 kg. Grow your passion in a brilliant, intelligent and economical way with the Eureka Grow Shop grow boxes; become a real expert grower!

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