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The thermohygrometer is a tool for measuring the humidity present in the air and the air temperature, of fundamental importance for indoor cultivation. In fact, plants with too high temperature and humidity values could risk their lives.

The hygrometer works through the phenomenon of evaporative cooling. In fact, when water evaporates from the surface, it becomes cold because the water molecules absorb heat from the surface in the process of evaporation. Precisely for this effect, the wet bulb has a lower temperature compared to the dry bulb.

The hygrometer measures the temperature and humidity values present in the air, especially useful in a cultivation environment such as in the grow box. In a grow room, measuring the correct humidity and temperature values and correcting them if necessary is essential for the health and life of plants grown indoors. In fact, with unbalanced humidity and temperature values, plant life could be at risk!

Calibrating the hygrometer is very easy, in fact you have to put a glass with the opening downwards inside the container, and then put the thermo-hygrometer on it. Then seal the container, and leave it sealed for a total of four hours. The temperature during the entire process must be between 19 and 21°C, this is of fundamental importance for the successful calibration of the hygrometer.

The hygrometer must be positioned inside the grow room so as to constantly measure the temperature and humidity levels present in the air of the indoor cultivation environment.


A thermohygrometer is a tool for measuring the relative humidity of the air, essential for growing indoors. In fact, not all growers know the importance of humidity and temperature inside the grow box, where with temperatures and humidity that are too low or on the contrary too high, the cultivated plants can suffer and even face certain death. In fact, the professional thermo hygrometer also measures the air temperature in an extremely precise way.

The hygrometer is perfect in indoor cultivation, as it is possible to measure the temperature and humidity present in the air with high precision, so as to be able to prevent many problems that can hinder the growth of plants. A digital thermohygrometer or a thermometer hygrometer with probe can certainly do this with much more precision and safety, for this reason we recommend the purchase of a digital thermohygrometer or a digital hygrometer with probe.