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Unfortunately, raise the humidity in the grow tent without a humidifier is very difficult, almost impossible, and in case of problems the life of the plants can be put at serious risk. Therefore, we recommend the purchase of a grow tent humidifier in our low-priced catalogue.

Yes, the humidifier in the grow tent is extremely important as with too low humidity values in the air, the health and life of the plants could be put at serious risk. Therefore the humidifier in the grow tent is necessary to preserve and improve the life of the cultivated plants.

The humidifier in the grow tent can be placed wherever you want, personally we recommend placing it on the ground in the grow tent and starting it up whenever too low humidity values are recorded in the air (measurable using a hygrometer, available in our catalog at an economic price).

To humidify the air in the grow room it is necessary to use a special tool called a humidifier. A humidifier has the task of increasing the levels of humidity present in the air within the indoor growing environment.

Choosing the size of the perfect humidifier for your indoor cultivation is not complicated, in fact we strongly recommend evaluating the size of the grow box, for example with a small grow box up to 300x300x200 cm we recommend using a 4 liter humidifier, for larger grow rooms, on the other hand, will require an 8 liter humidifier.


The grow tent humidifier is a fundamental tool for growing indoors, in fact it serves to restore the humidity present in the air, in fact when the humidity levels in the air are significantly lowered in the plants various problems could arise, both in the vegetative growth phase both during the flowering period. A grow room humidifier is necessary to guarantee the plants the humidity levels they need.

For growers with a tighter budget and a small crop it is possible to purchase and use a humidifier for grow tent, it is always a grow room humidifier that performs the same and identical job as a larger humidifier but in a significantly smaller growing environment. Many people opt for a DIY humidifier for grow tent, even if it is not the best choice since it would endanger the life of the plants in the event of any more likely malfunction.

Hydroponic Humidity Control

In the case of hydroponic cultivation, the measurement and hydroponic humidity control is even more important as we are dealing with plants in a much more fragile and difficult cultivation. We at Eureka Grow Shop recommend always and constant hydroponic humidity control, in fact in hydroponic crops the humidity must be 80% in the germination phase, in the range between 60%-70% in the vegetative growth period and between 50%-60% in the flowering stage. In case of lower values it will be necessary to purchase and use a hydroponic humidifier.


Many people consider it necessary to purchase a dehumidifier for grow tent, it is a tool that lowers the humidity levels in the air. Even too high humidity levels can be lethal for the seedlings, therefore for the more prudent growers who want to preserve the life of the plants they can buy a dehumidifier for grow tent in advance and use it only in case of need.