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The grow tent extractor fan set up is extremely simple, it will be enough to place the carbon filter inside the grow tent and the air aspirator outside the grow box and connect them to the pipe.

The grow room air extractor is chosen on the basis of the flow rate, in fact it will be enough to multiply the volume of the grow room and by 75, and the most suitable extractor for your cultivation will come out of the reach.

The extractor in the grow box is essential for the complete recirculation of the air between the inside and outside of the cultivation environment. Without an adequate ventilation and air exchange system, plants could have numerous problems and in some cases could face certain death. All this due to the lack of oxygen and the presence of the so-called “old air”.

The grow tent extractor fan is a tool used for the recirculation of the air inside the indoor cultivation environment (i.e. the grow room), thanks to the air extractor it is possible the constant entry of fresh air into the grow box.

Unfortunately it is not possible to grow plants in a grow tent without the use of a special air extractor fan. In fact without it there will be no adequate air recirculation for the plants and they could die. Without fresh air your plants will suffer or even die!


Grow tent extractor fan are essential for successful fan in grow room indoor growing. In fact, they guarantee a recirculation of the air which is of fundamental importance for the life and health of plants grown indoors in grow boxes. Mother Nature uses the wind to do this. Plants are used to receiving wind and have learned to use it in their growth paths. You have to remember that growing indoors means trying to perfectly replace everything that Mother Nature usually does. You also need to be able to create the right breeze if you want to be complete. Over the years, growers around the world have learned to grow their favorite product better and better. This has also led us to create slightly more complex grow tent extractor fan, dedicated to grow boxes and no longer simply to fans. Inside, the grow tent extractor fan always has its beautiful fan. However, this aims to connect the internal environment of the grow box with the external environment in the best possible way.


Having an extractor fan is important for a number of reasons:

  • By removing the stale air from the box, the spread of the disease from seedling to seedling becomes rarer;
  • It helps provide the right amount of carbon dioxide, known as carbon dioxide, which plants use for energy through photosynthesis;
  • By generating electricity, it moves the leaves and helps plants get stronger;
  • It is your best ally to reduce the odor produced by growing the “stinkiest” plants;
  • Keep the planter from getting too damp;
  • Prevents thermal spikes from heaters and lamps.

As you can see, it is one of the indispensable elements in indoor practice. Apart from that, they are objects that don’t even have excessive costs, so the cost-benefit ratio plays in our favor.

Best silent extractor fan for grow tent

In our catalog of fan in grow room there are numerous models of latest generation silent extractors, but in particular we recommend a specific intake fan for grow tent, i.e. Extractor Vents Vk 250 Tubular 1080 m³/h, this is the best silent extractor fan for grow tent and hydroponic fan.

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