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In general 400-600W for m² is excellent for Indoor Growing. Commercial growers can push beyond 1000W for maximum yield. Placing more grow lights in Indoor Growing can be a solution to getting a bigger harvest.

Assembling the grow box extractor is extremely simple, just place the carbon filter inside the grow box and the air aspirator outside the grow box and connect them to the hose.

Nebulizing indoor and outdoor plants is very easy, you need to buy a water sprayer, fill it with a significant amount of water and spray the stem of the plants, the soil and possibly also the cultivation area 1-3 times a day.

For start a hydroponic cultivation you have to place the lighting with led light inside the grow box, have constant temperature and humidity, choose a very good one high quality substrate, own a ph meter for constantly measure the pH of the water and nutrient solution, choose suitable hydroponics fertilizers and best support the roots of the plants with a rooting during the germination phase.

Biobizz try pack outdoor it is a pack of three fertilizers suitable for the entire life cycle of plants grown outdoors, indoors and also for hydroponics. These three fertilizers are respectively: Biobizz Bio Grow, Biobizz Bio Bloom and Top Max. Using them is extremely simple, in fact you just need to follow the recommended doses on the biobizz table for the respective growth period of your plants. BioGrow will be used for the vegetative phase, Bio Bloom and Top Max for the flowering period.


In 2023, indoor growing has now become an extremely common and convenient thing. Today there are many different grow equipment, with their advantages to allow you to cultivate in an ingenious way! In our online grow shop there are air handling units of the highest quality with the aim of introducing grow tent air for grow tent air conditioner. Grow tent air conditioner is very important for indoor growing, in fact an air handling unit is essential for the success of indoor growing. Furthermore, even the odor treatment is of primary importance, eliminating grow tent odor is very important to prevent the grow tent smell from being too intrusive and not very discreet if we have overly curious neighbours.


Even odor treatment, like air treatment, is very important in our indoor cultivation, especially carbon filters, also called grow tent odor filters. The carbon filters is used to eliminate grow tent odors and have perfectly balanced grow room odor control. Grow room odor control is essential in indoor growing to ensure discreet cultivation and allow plants to breathe clean air. As well as the air treatment, the odor treatment is also part of the air treatment unit.

In our online grow shop there are: Air aspirators (to introduce grow room odor control), carbon filters (i.e. the grow tent odor filter to eliminate grow tent odors), digital thermohygrometers (to discover the grow temperature and grow tent humidity) and humidifiers (for grow tent humidity problem and increase grow tent humidity).


In our grow shop there is a wide range of extractors of the highest quality and convenience from the most famous brands from all over the world such as Vents, Prima Klima and Pure Fan. The task of a extractor is that of grow tent air recirculation, that is to introduce grow tent air so that the plants can breathe, always receiving fresh and clean air. The extractors are equipped with a propeller called centrifugal, which creates a real vortex. The vortex pushes the air inside the ventilation duct with its force. Thanks to the performance of the air extractors, they are air extractors suitable for grow tents or even in a simple room in the house such as the bathroom, they are also bathroom air extractors.

The extractors are part of the air treatment and of the air treatment unit with the aim of always letting new and clean air enter the indoor environment. Extractors are a fundamental part of the air treatment unit. Let’s find out the carbon filters, i.e. the grow tent odor filter, which is also a staple as regards the air treatment unit.


Carbon filters are essential for the odor treatment of the indoor growing environment. It is known that plants, especially during the flowering period, give off very strong odors which can be annoying both for the plants themselves due to the unbreathable air and in terms of being discreet. In fact, it may be that our neighbors are too curious about the strong smells emanating from our plants, therefore the Carbon filter is extremely important both for our safety and for that of our plants. In our online grow shop there is a very extensive line of carbon filters ideal for air treatment in the indoor growing area. The Carbon filter is essential to eliminate grow tent odors, odor treatment is a very important step for the success of indoor growing.


In our online grow shop there are also numerous greenhouse ventilation kit that are very useful for forming the air treatment system of our indoor growing. The greenhouse ventilation kit are complete kits for the air handling unit of our indoor cultivation and are mainly composed of an air extractor, carbon filter and pipes to connect the entire air handling system. With our greenhouse ventilation kit it will be possible to have a top quality air handling unit, we would like to specify that our greenhouse ventilation kit all have an excellent quality/price ratio.


The humidifier is used to avoid the grow tent humidity problem, the humidifier has the task of increasing grow tent humidity if the humidity levels present in the indoor cultivation environment are excessively low. Grow tent humidity problem can cause numerous inconveniences to plants, in fact with excessively low grow tent humidity the plants will not breathe the oxygen they need to live and thrive. Increasing grow tent humidity is very simple and all you need to do is insert the most suitable humidifier for your indoor growing environment into the air treatment system. Increasing the humidity in the grow tent is therefore extremely important for the success of indoor growing.


The dehumidifier has the task of reducing grow tent humidity if the humidity levels present in the indoor cultivation area are too high and therefore the grow tent humidity problem persists. The dehumidifier is extremely important for the air handling unit of our indoor cultivation environment. Without a dehumidifier there will be a grow tent humidity problem. Reducing grow tent humidity is very important, in fact in case of excessively high grow room humidity the plants will not be able to breathe the oxygen they need for their life cycle. So lowering grow tent humidity will be mandatory in case of humidity levels that are too high, decreasing grow tent humidity is very simple. In fact, to lower the grow tent humidity, all you have to do is install the dehumidifier with the air handling unit for the air treatment of our cultivation environment.


The thermohygrometer constantly and with high precision measures the humidity levels and the temperature present in the indoor cultivation environment. Measuring with the thermohygrometer is essential to know if the grow tent temperature is adequate. Instead, the hygrometer measures grow tent humidity exclusively and with absolute precision. The hygrometer is very important as knowing the humidity present in the growing area is of fundamental importance.

The grow tent temperature must be measured with a thermo-hygrometer and it is very important: in fact, with an excessively high or too low grow tent temperature, the plants could die! Increasing the grow tent temperature is very important in some cases, to increase the grow tent temperature an electric heater can be inserted into the growing tent. Lowering the grow tent temperature is equally important in other cases, if the grow light is causing the heat you will need to change to one that generates less heat. Lowering the grow tent temperature may also be possible by installing an air handling unit so that there is adequate indoor ventilation.

The ideal grow tent humidity varies according to the period of life where the plants grown indoors are found. In fact, during the germination phase the ideal grow tent humidity must be between 70% and 90%. Instead, during the vegetative growth phase the ideal grow tent humidity should be between 60% and 70%. Finally, during the indoor flowering period the ideal grow tent humidity should be between 50% and 60%.

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