Ph meters to check all the parameters of your Cultivation and guarantee exceptional control for health of our seedlings.


Air extractors for Grow Box, air exchange always continuous so as to guarantee our plants clean and fresh oxygen to make them grow and bloom at their best.



The growing equipment featured in the Eureka Grow Shop catalog has unique characteristics, such as strength and durability for many years. In particular, the international brands we have chosen are able to guarantee these characteristics fundamental for any grower.


Ph meters to check all the parameters of your Cultivation


Extractors for Grow Box, air exchange always continuous

In general 400-600W for m² is excellent for Indoor Growing. Commercial growers can push beyond 1000W for maximum yield. Placing more grow lights in Indoor Growing can be a solution to getting a bigger yield.

Assembling the grow box extractor is extremely simple, just place the carbon filter inside the grow box and the air aspirator outside the grow box and connect them to the hose.

Nebulizing indoor and outdoor plants is very easy, you need to buy a water sprayer, fill it with a significant amount of water and spray the stem of the plants, the soil and possibly also the cultivation area 1-3 times a day.

To start a hydroponic cultivation you need to place the lighting with LED light inside the grow box, have constant temperature and humidity, choose an excellent high quality substrate, have a ph meter to constantly measure the pH of the water and the solution nutrient, choose suitable hydroponic fertilizers and best support the roots of plants with a root during the germination phase.

Biobizz try pack outdoor it is a pack of three fertilizers suitable for the entire life cycle of plants grown outdoors, indoors and also for hydroponics. These three fertilizers are respectively: Biobizz Bio Grow, Biobizz Bio Bloom and Top Max. Using them is extremely simple, in fact you just need to follow the recommended doses on the biobizz table for the respective growth period of your plants. BioGrow will be used for the vegetative phase, Bio Bloom and Top Max for the flowering period.


In 2022, indoor growing has now become an extremely common and affordable thing. Nowadays there are many different professional equipments , with their advantages to allow you to cultivate in an ingenious way ! In our growing catalog there are: indoor grow box, best lamps for indoor cultivation 2020 and 2022, indoor cultivation kit and fertilizers.


In its simplest form, a extractor acts like a fan. Its job is to recirculate the air inside the box so that your plants can breathe and thrive. These extractors are equipped with a helix called centrifuge, which creates a real vortex. The vortex pushes the air into the ventilation duct with its force. Thanks to their performance, these extractors are suitable for grow boxes or greenhouses with tubes also superior at 5 meters.


The pots for plants are accessories for growing fundamental, they are divided into plastic pots and smart pots in fabric. They both possess unique and inimitable characteristics, especially the fabric vases. In fact, they will allow the plant roots to breathe in the best possible way and to expel any excess water thus avoiding root rot.


The pH meters, or more commonly called pH Controller, are of fundamental importance for indoor cultivation, outdoor and hydroponics. In fact, the level of the pH of the substrate, of the water and of the nutrient solution of our plants must always be at a level of ideal pH and never busted. Numerous pH Controller models available, choose yours now and don’t miss it!


Mist the plants and the growing area will be the right choice to maintain perfect humidity levels in the grow box. Furthermore, especially in the summer months, a nebulizer will take care of refreshing your plants from withering. In our catalog, classic nebulizers and electronic nebulizers are available.


Growing accessories means all the extra equipment for a fantastic and trouble-free cultivation, such as pruning shears the pure factory, seed counting machine, masterseeds gin, led and usb microscope and the drying net the pure factory.