PURE LED PRO 680W - The Pure Factory

PURE LED PRO 680W - The Pure Factory

The pure factory cultivation lamp, new Pure Led 2.0 line for an ideal indoor cultivation. 5 adjustable intensities and Samsung / Honglitronics LEDs for maximum efficiency.


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Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 112.5 × 110.0 × 8.0 cm

The Pure Factory




Samsung LM281B+ Pro / Honglitronics SMD 3535


2.92 mol/J

5 Adjustable intensity



112.5 x 110.0 x 8.0 cm

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PURE LED PRO 680W: The new Pure Led 2.0 line

Pure Led Pro 680W is a LED grow light widely used and appreciated by all world-class growers; its fame comes mainly from its ability to cover a large indoor growing area. This grow light is equipped with a continuous and gradual manual adjustment of the light intensity, obviously without jumps. Of course, this is a completely silent grow light in use, and it doesn’t overheat the grow environment. Its light spectrum is suitable for the entire life cycle of plants, from germination to flowering.

It is a perfect LED lamp for the entire life cycle of the plant of anyone who decides to undertake an indoor cultivation, especially in a fantastic grow box. It is well known by now that this indoor grow light is a very powerful lamp, in fact it can satisfy any grower. Very long-lasting performance. Grow using this grow light, you will surely be surprised by its great potential in the indoor growing industry.

Your plants will produce a very generous yield. Thanks to this fantastic grow light your plants will finally absorb the right amount of light needed to grow and produce at their best. It is precisely a lighting with extraordinary power; it has an extremely broad and bright spectrum of light, very similar to that sun.

PURE LED PRO 680W: The new Pure Led 2.0 range of The Pure Factory lamps

The Led lamps of The Pure Factory, as the Pure Led Pro 680W they are excellent for growing extremely productive plants in grow boxes, in fact the LEDs guarantee compact yields with a final product of excellent quality, all with a very low energy consumption, much lower than the classic hps and cmh lamps. Indoor grow lights have a spectrum of light that is perfect for growing and very similar to the natural one of the sun.

If you intend to grow indoors, even in hydroponics, the use of certain grow lights will be essential for the vegetative growth phase and the flowering period of the plants. To grow indoors, you will need certain watts; the wattage of the grow lamps will depend on the model you intend to install, in fact for the led lamps 200w will be enough for a decent indoor cultivation, and if you intend to push productivity more and more you can focus on 300w, 600w and 1000w lights.




The grow light of Pure Led are the most used in the world or by most indoor growers thanks to their power and efficiency. Growing indoors with these grow lights is the best choice you can grow as a grower. Their fame mainly derives from their low energy consumption and their abundant production. The vegetative growth phase will plants grow optimally and transform into real trees. While, during the indoor flowering period. there will be an extremely abundant final yield. Grow brilliantly indoors with these professional grow light.


The LIGHT EMITTING DIODE "Q" series has 3 models, which are best suited for single growers with limited space. The planting area recommended for Q150 is 60x60 cm, for Q240 it is 90x90 cm and for Pure Led Q320 the maximum is 120x120 cm. The device provides for the gradual manual and continuous adjustment of the light intensite. It's lightweight and has no moving parts, so it's completely silent.
The Pure Factory grow box pure tent

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