LODGE REV 4.0 GROW BOX 160X120X198

LODGE REV 4.0 GROW BOX 160X120X198

Grow Box with numerous unique characteristics, thanks to its accessories present growing indoors has never been so easy and cheap.


Additional information

Weight 21 kg

160X120X198 cm


Tessuto interno Mylar 210D altamente riflettente


Telaio in acciaio inossidabile ad alta resistenza, pali di diametro 25 mm

Illuminazione raccomandata

Sistema Led, Lampada Hps o Cmh

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Lodge Rev 4.0 it is a grow box with enormous dimensions, where it is possible to grow a large number of plant specimens! Thanks to this fantastic grow tent, growing indoors has never been so simple and fast. It also has a very affordable quality/price ratio, given that it is a very resistant grow cabinet and has a special area for growth phase, cuttings and mother plants. As well as being a very comfortable grow box for both novice growers and experienced farmers, it also lasts for many years.

It is lined inside with a Mylar 210D fabric, which reflects the best light, precisely 99% of the light. Grow your passion too with Lodge Rev 4.0, the most affordable grow box ever!




The Grow Box Lodge, the brand new range of grow tents from Secret Jardin, are particularly popular with most international growers. All this appreciation is obviously due to their quality as well as their cheaper price than ever! Of course, they are also very robust and reliable grow boxes. In fact, even novice and novice growers will be able to produce a great deal with these great grow boxes. The reflective Mylar material inside them will allow the plants to grow and bloom at their best. Grow yourself using these exceptional indoor grow tents. It is preferable to integrate a very powerful grow light such as Pure Led 480W to make the most of their potential.



Secret Jardin grow box are the most chosen by world-class growers due to their quality and super cheap price. In addition to this, the specialties that stand out the most in these grow tents are two: their excellent strength and the presence of a fantastic reflective material inside them, which allows indoor plants to grow and bloom at their best by absorbing a excellent amount of light. In particular, in our catalog there are three grow box models of this spectacular brand, namely: Dark Box, Hydro Shoot and Lodge. In these grow boxes it is optimal to integrate an activated carbon filter for air circulation.

BOX 240x120x200

It is one of the most purchased grow boxes given its almost unlimited space where it is possible to grow a large amount of plant specimens. In particular, in ours are available the DARK ROOM 240X120X200, the HYDRO SHOOT BOX 240X120X200 and the PURE TENT BOX 240X120X200. Product available with free shipping.


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