EXTRACTOR VENTS VK 150 TUBULAR 495 m³/h (150mm)

EXTRACTOR VENTS VK 150 TUBULAR 495 m³/h (150mm)

Vents VK air extractor with flow rate of 495 m³/h and with flange of 150 mm, one of the best choices you can make for Indoor Growing.


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Weight 2.5 kg

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The Extractor Vents VK 150 is essential for Indoor Cultivation, has synonyms of power and efficiency and guarantees plants  to grow and bloom in a healthy way.

Grow room extractors  are essential for a successful indoor pantagione. In fact, they guarantee the recirculation of air, fundamental for the life and health of plants grown in indoor grow boxes. Mother Nature uses the wind to do this. Plants are used to receiving the wind and have learned to use it in their growth paths. Over the years, growers around the world have learned to grow their favorite products better and better. This has also led us to create  slightly more complex extractors specific to grow boxes rather than just fans. Inside, the extractor always has its beautiful fan. However, this aims to connect the internal environment of the grow box with the external environment in the best possible way.

Technical Characteristics Extractor Vents VK 150 Tubular 495 m³/h (150mm)

  • Brand Vents
  • Model VK150
  • High quality PVC extractor / inductor.
  • Very quiet and easy to install.
  • Essential for the optimal functioning of your grow cabinet.
  • Diameter: 150 mm
  • Air flow: 495 m³ / h
  • Sound level at 3 m: Min 25 dBA / Max 56 dBA
  • Voltage V / Hz: 230/50
  • Consumption: 80W
  • Weight: 2.01 kg (2.5 kg with shipping)

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