DaVinci IQ2 - Portable Vaporizer


DaVinci IQ2 - Portable Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer, the new range of portable vaporizers from Da Vinci with the latest technology and great innovation to completely revolutionize your smoking sessions!


Additional information

Weight N/A




Warm-up time

60 seconds

Power supply

3500mAh battery


121 °C-221 °C


4,5×2,5×9,2 cm

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DaVinci IQ2: Latest Technology Weed Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ2 is a portable vaporizer from DaVinci with the latest technology for vaping herb and resin. DaVinci IQ2 is a slightly larger portable vaporizer than its predecessor, but also includes handy new features like adjustable airflow levels and herb rate controls.

The davinci vaporizer turns out to be ideal for medical users who may require specific doses of the herb. The DaVinci IQ2’s battery is removable and lasts up to 8 uses, making it perfect for anyone who appreciates portability and always wants to be on the go.

One of the latest innovations, the DaVinci Vaporizer’s dose control system allows you to precisely control the amount you draw, which is crucial if you want consistent results during each session. You will need to enter the pull strength and amount of herb or resin put into the DaVinci IQ2 to get the right dose per session and hit. Through the app it is also possible to set a warning signal to be emitted when the maximum dose of herb is reached.

The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer allows you to adjust the airflow to choose the density of the vapor using the new Air Dial system. If you like cool vapor, increase the airflow, if you prefer thicker vapor, we recommend reducing the airflow. There are a whopping five settings to help you find the right vapor for you!

The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer includes a 3000mAh 18650 Li-ion battery, the same battery featured in the first DaVinci IQ. When fully charged, the battery will allow you to vape weed for an hour, so approximately 6 to 8 times. Since it’s removable, you can also easily replace the battery for long-term use. The battery takes about 6 hours to recharge via micro USB, but only 3 hours with an external charger. It is one of the best vaporizers of 2023.

Two Ways to Change the Functionality of DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer:

  • Stealth mode: reduces the brightness of the LEDs on the front of the device;
  • Boost Mode – Quickly raises the temperature up to 220°C.

The DaVinci Vaporizer has two options for temperature settings:

  • Precision mode: set the desired temperature and DaVinci IQ2 will automatically keep it constant;
  • Smart Path: Gradually increase the temperature, choose one of four pre-set smart paths or create a custom path from the app.

DaVinci Vaporizer Contents:

  • DaVinci IQ2, Portable Vaporizer;
  • Instruction manual;
  • 3500mAh battery;
  • USB charging cable;
  • Nozzle 10 mm;
  • Capsule for dosage;
  • Filling tool;
  • Disc for vaporizing concentrates;
  • 9 cotton swabs;
  • 9 disinfectant wipes.
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DaVinci is a manufacturer of very high quality davinci dry herb vaporizer that are very famous internationally. DaVinci is every smoker's first choice when deciding to take the path of vaporizing weed: much healthier, cheaper and with more intense smoking sessions. In fact, the DaVinci vaporizer guarantees an excellent flavor with each puff of steam, much more powerful and lasting effects since almost all the active ingredients are taken from the herb, moreover only a small dose of herb must be inserted and our health will be safe from combustion since in the davinci vape the herbs are not burned but only heated.

DaVinci Vaporizer uk: Which DaVinci Vaporizer to Choose?

All davinci vaporizer uk are of excellent quality and efficiency, of course the new models, such as the DaVinci IQ2, are of the latest technology, therefore they are innovative davinci vaporizer uk and are confirmed to be the best da Vinci portable vaporizer on the world market. But that's not all, in fact even the classic DaVinci IQ is top quality and is confirmed among the best DaVinci vaporizer. These are indestructible portable weed vaporizer models that manage to completely revolutionize the consumer's smoking sessions.
Da Vinci, vaporizzatore Da Vinci


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