Cultibox SG Combi home grow tent, suitable for indoor growing with guaranteed elegance, refinement and efficiency. Waterproof to water, reflective Mylar cloth to let the plants absorb all the light possible. 360° opening with unimaginable comfort!

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The Cultibox SG Combi 100x100x200 cm grow box is an Indoor Growing Tent for growing plants at home in an easy, practical and economical way. These grow boxes are part of the new range of models of the international brand Cultibox, and have truly unique features, the main one is that the new SG-Combi grow cabinet offers a fantastic design, with 3 movable walls that guarantee to be able to add a large number of units of this same model, so as to be able to make the most of the cultivation environment; this feature will allow you to have a complete view of the life cycle of plants, all at a price accessible to the public. The back door of this grow box makes it unique for indoor growing!

The grow box Cultibox SG Combi has very high quality fabrics, created with materials robust, but also light and resistant; the fabric is waterproof with a Mylar 420D sheet inside the growbox capable of reflecting 99% of the available light emanating from the grow lights. It is completely closed, which will not let even a glimmer of external light through, in order to better preserve the life cycles of indoor plants.

The grow boxes are ideal grow cabinets for Indoor, aquaponic and hydroponic cultivation. They are available in different sizes and brands, among the most famous we find the Cultibox. The grow box allows anyone to grow indoors with amazing results. Growing at home is the ideal choice to protect plants from pathogens external, from weather conditions not ideal and above all to produce as much as possible. Grow your passion too with this fantastic line of grow tents with an exceptional quality/price ratio! The grow boxes are lined internally with a fantastic Mylar reflective sheet that allows the plants to absorb all the light emanating from the indoor grow lamps. Grow brilliantly with the team of Eureka Grow Shop!




The Cultibox Grow Box are characterized by a high robustness and modularity. This means they can be assembled together to expand the grow room you want to set up however you like. Thanks to this feature, any space can be used, which makes them very practical and light.


Buying a Growbox is an important step for any grower. As growers, our job is to plan every detail and provide our plantation with the ecosystem they need. Using this small greenhouse it is possible to obtain surprising results in terms of production by simulating the natural habitat of the plants we grow. The best grow tents are:


It is an Indoor Grow Box with 3 different compartments for the cultivation of different plant phases. The divider between the shelf and the main compartment is a removable piece of Mylar. We remind you that you can use a tent according to your plantation.


It is a cabinet for crops from inside, it has a transparent window on the front door, the culture can be viewed without opening the cabinet door; many intake and exhaust pipes for correct ventilation of the culture space; removable double bottom, For easy cleaning, there is an external safety hook at the end to keep the door open if necessary.


The CultiBox Open is a Grow Box which has sides that open as if they were "windows", while the XL has the same principle as the grow box classic with the fundamental difference of being in size more large.


It is a Grow Box very similar to the previous one, it differs in that it has all sides that open with a hinge instead of having a "window". It is also an extremely inexpensive grow cabinet, suitable for growers looking to grow brilliantly and on a tight budget.
Cultibox grow box per coltivare indoor


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