Meter of pH digital and automatic of water and fertilizers which will allow you to cultivate in the best possible way your passion.

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Automatic Management of the pH of the Tank

Sometimes the more you know, the better. When it comes to managing the pH of a nutrient solution, knowledge makes a big difference. Bluelab pH Controller monitors and automatically adjusts the pH for you. Just set the pH parameters and let the Bluerab pH Controller maintain the precise dose of fertilizers in the solution set. In addition, it can record data wirelessly on your computer, providing continuous information in real time. Use the data to speed up system changes. You can also change the settings from your PC.

Bluelab pH Controller Technical Characteristics

  • Excellent local and cloud data logging functionality
  • Adjusting control settings from a local PC
  • Option to view different data and current status via Google Docs
  • Automatic pH control and monitoring with tanks up to 200 US gal / 760 L
  • Plant-safe green backlit LCD, adjustable brightness
  • Easy to read displays we will read very large
  • Easy to navigate menu for adjusting and programming settings
  • One-button pH calibration with on-screen help
  • Flashing high / low alarm with various control blocks
  • Blocking of dosages to protect against overdose
  • After power loss automatic dosing reset on restart
  • Waterproof
  • Dosing tube resistant to alkalis and acids
  • International power supply
  • Easily replaceable double junction pH probe
  • Separate Bluelab temperature probe
  • Pump and peristaltic tubes easily replaceable



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