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It is absolutely possible to smoke without rolling papers, for example using electronic cigarettes, desktop or portable vaporizers, pipes, bongs, etc. In particular, using the vaporizers we will be protected from the phenomenon of combustion present in the joints, therefore we will also preserve our health.

Of course, it is possible to use tissue paper to roll a joint but it is absolutely not recommended, in fact the phenomenon of burning tissue paper will be even more toxic than normal rolling papers, furthermore the combustion will be very rapid and the flavor will be absolutely ruined!

If you don’t have rolling paper available, and maybe you can’t go downstairs to buy them because it’s late at night, we strongly advise you not to smoke anything else instead of rolling papers. Wait for the next day and buy professional rolling papers, in our catalog there are numerous brands of high quality rolling papers at a low price.

Using rolling papers is very simple, especially the long rolling papers are used to roll joints, while the short rolling papers are used to make cigarettes. You can view a tutorial on youtube if you don’t know how to roll joints.

Rolling with Raw rolling papers is very simple, even easier compared to other brands of rolling papers. In fact, Raw papers have a much thinner weight and are lighter papers, so rolling joints with Raw rolling papers will be even easier.


Raw is a manufacturer of rolling papers and windproof lighters for smokers, in recent years it has become extremely well known globally thanks to the high quality of its long rolling papers, as well as a wide range of windproof lighters.

Raw offers top quality rolling papers to the public, in fact they are long rolling papers included with ultra slim filters, truly the first choice for any consumer.

In addition, raw is also known for producing short papers and clipper holders, as well as fantastic filter joints that really allow anyone to create them without any difficulty, especially for novice smokers. For anyone who has difficulty making cigarettes, there is a special cigarette machine, which greatly helps the roller to make a cigarette with tobacco, short papers and slim filters.


The raw long rolling papers in our catalog are not overpriced, we are among the very few sellers offering the low price long rolling papers in the market, around 70-80 cents each booklet of raw long rolling papers. Filters for rods are also present in our catalog at a price accessible to all.

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