Marley Natural is the official brand of Bob Marley. True to its philosophy and ethics, this company produces smoking accessories and special varieties to restore value to the planet through collaborations with numerous charities. Known for its high quality product and best smoking accessories, Marley Natural has quickly become a popular choice for both recreational and therapeutic smokers. With a range of high quality, yet affordable, products that outperform the competition, it's no wonder Marley Natural is so popular in the mystical world. The company is actually the official brand of reggae musician icon of passion culture Bob Marley. Although he died in 1981, his influence can still be felt in many areas of life today. With this in mind, Marley Natural was launched in 2016 (Bob Marley's 71st birthday) with the help of the Marley family.

As a testament to its heritage and ethics, Marley Natural promotes positivity, connection and transformation. This is done by choosing natural products inspired by Jamaica's vibrant energy, designed to bring out the best in the product consumed.
When you explore the Marley Natural collection, the first thing you will notice is their modern, elegant and natural look. Whether you are looking to buy new bongs, ashtrays or pipes, all of these products stand out in their class.

With this philosophy based on environmental protection, Marley Natural creates its products to promote awareness, authenticity and true respect for nature. This is achieved by using sustainably sourced materials without the use of corrosive chemicals or plastics. Marley Natural products feature solid walnut wood which not only looks good, but is also functional. The wood is decorated with the company logo as a seal of quality. With so many products available, we smokers were truly spoiled when we tried to pick our favorite. We present a few to show you exactly what Marley Natural has to offer.


This sophisticated travel grinder is perfect for those who are always on the go or those who simply want something to proudly display in their smoking area. This 4-piece grinder is made from North American black walnut for a beautiful, high-quality appearance. It has 32 anodized aluminum teeth in its housing that finely grind the product they encounter.


Marley Natural uses not only wood, but also hand blown glass to produce some high quality pipes. This pocket-sized instrument is flawless and its details will surprise you too. Made of dark smoked glass with a gold band around the stem leading to the mouthpiece, this is a high quality pipe you will never want to stop using.


This bubbler bridges the gap between bong and pipe and offers the best of both. This bubbler is made of blown glass with walnut details. The end result is a tool that delivers soft strokes and a large bowl ready to load with your favorite products.


Combining the right style, this unique accessory shows great functionality. Featuring a clear crystal base and black walnut details, this ashtray stays firmly in place thanks to the addition of a felt covered base. This product will look good in any setting and is sure to add a touch of elegance to any smoking session.


Featuring a classic barrel design, this high-quality bong is made from sturdy hand-blown borosilicate glass that not only withstands high temperatures, but also the occasional shock with ease. The bong is surrounded by a walnut base and bowl, which gives it a precious and stunning look. Simple and fun to use, this bong is made for true connoisseurs of the wizarding world.