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There are hundreds of different sizes of grow tents, in particular in our catalog there are numerous sizes of grow tents of extremely famous brands all over the world. The ideal size of the grow tent depends on the number of specimens of plants to be grown. But in particular for beginner growers we recommend the use of a 120x120x200 cm grow tent, while for large growers 475x240x200 cm and larger grow tents may be needed.

Grow autoflower plants in a grow tent is very simple, the fantastic peculiarity is that you can grow more specimens of autoflower plants in the grow tent than photoperiod plants being obviously smaller. The cultivation of autoflower plants in grow tents will also be easier having a life cycle of about 2 and a half months. Therefore complications will be more difficult having a shorter life cycle.

The quantity of plants that can be cultivated in the grow tent varies according to numerous characteristics, for example the size of the grow tent and the type of plants to be grown: in fact, it is possible to grow more autoflowering strains than photoperiod strains in a grow box of the same size ( since autoflowering plants stay smaller).

The ideal temperature in the grow tent varies according to the life cycle of the plants, a bit like humidity. However, in general the ideal temperature of a grow tent should be in the range between 21 and 23 °C. With temperatures inside the grow tent higher or lower than this range, the plants could be in serious danger of life.

Set up a grow tent is very easy, first of all the first thing we will need is a cultivation lamp, we recommend an LED system. In fact, without a good light source, plants will not be able to grow and flourish. Next, we will need an extractor fan, an indoor fan for adequate air circulation, a thermo-hygrometer and a humidifier.


Mammoth grow boxes are very economical grow box that protect plants from any prying eyes as well as having fantastic Mylar reflective material inside them. This great reflective material will allow indoor grown plants to grow and flower at their best. Furthermore, Mammoth grow boxes is very simple to assemble and set up, as well as being huge. Thanks to these grow boxes, growing indoors will be extremely simple and reliable. We recommend the integration of an unheard-of quality grow light, such as Pure Led Q320. These grow boxes are among the best grow tents you can find on the market. These grow boxes are among the best grow cabinets to be found on the market. It is possible to integrate an inexpensive and extremely effective ventilation system like a fantastic vents extractor. Discover the best grow boxes for Indoor Growing and cultivate your passion with Eureka Grow Shop.


Fortunately, Mammoth is one of the best brands of grow tents on the world market. Even the best growers in the world choose these grow cabinets to grow brilliantly! This grow test brand has numerous unique and inimitable features, for example:

  • Cheap growboxes;
  • Extremely easy to assemble;
  • Very simple to set up;
  • With a robust but light composition;
  • Internally lined with a reflective Mylar fabric.

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