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Press rosin is very simple, however we will first need a special high quality professional rosin press, which can be found in our catalog of rosin presses at an excellent quality/price ratio, rosin press with an economic and convenient price. Subsequently you will have to use the machine to press the rosi in the best way through the use of special rosin bags.

A rosin press is a press that can be used to make rosin by extracting the resin from the buds. There are numerous rosin presses and it is very difficult to choose one, especially there are two premium brands: Qnubu and Jack Puck. Choosing the best rosin press is also impossible because it depends on the quantity of rosin to be produced, but we at Eureka Grow Shop recommend the QNUBU PRO-ROT PRESS 10 TON and the ROSIN JACK PUCK 8 TON PRESS.

Use a rosin press is very simple, in fact, it will be necessary to turn on and bring the plate of the press to a temperature of about 100/150 °C, and then insert the inflorescences in a rosin bag or sheet of baking paper folded in two, to then place the parchment paper on the press plate, close tightly and activate the pressure for about 3 seconds. Then we open the press and remove the baking paper and then open it to remove the inflorescences. Finally, we scrape the rosin obtained from the parchment paper and it will be ready to be smoked or stored.


Jack Puck is a manufacturer of first quality rosin presses for professionals, it is a company of great worldwide fame thanks to the characteristics of the rosin press unique in their kind, such as obviously the resistance, robustness and power extremely suitable for work from fulfill.

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