There are hundreds of different sizes of grow tents, in particular in our catalog there are numerous sizes of grow tents of extremely famous brands all over the world. The ideal size of the grow tent depends on the number of specimens of plants to be grown. But in particular for beginner growers we recommend the use of a 120x120x200 cm grow tent, while for large growers 475x240x200 cm and larger grow tents may be needed.

Grow autoflower plants in a grow tent is very simple, the fantastic peculiarity is that you can grow more specimens of autoflower plants in the grow tent than photoperiod plants being obviously smaller. The cultivation of autoflower plants in grow tents will also be easier having a life cycle of about 2 and a half months. Therefore complications will be more difficult having a shorter life cycle.

The quantity of plants that can be cultivated in the grow tent varies according to numerous characteristics, for example the size of the grow tent and the type of plants to be grown: in fact, it is possible to grow more autoflowering strains than photoperiod strains in a grow box of the same size ( since autoflowering plants stay smaller).

The ideal temperature in the grow tent varies according to the life cycle of the plants, a bit like humidity. However, in general the ideal temperature of a grow tent should be in the range between 21 and 23 °C. With temperatures inside the grow tent higher or lower than this range, the plants could be in serious danger of life.

Set up a grow tent is very easy, first of all the first thing we will need is a cultivation lamp, we recommend an LED system. In fact, without a good light source, plants will not be able to grow and flourish. Next, we will need an extractor fan, an indoor fan for adequate air circulation, a thermo-hygrometer and a humidifier.


The Cultibox Grow Box are characterized by a high robustness and modularity. This means they can be assembled together to expand the grow room you want to set up however you like. Thanks to this feature, any space can be used, which makes them very practical and light.


Buying a Growbox is an important step for any grower. As growers, our job is to plan every detail and provide our plantation with the ecosystem they need. Using this small greenhouse it is possible to obtain surprising results in terms of production by simulating the natural habitat of the plants we grow. The best grow tents are:


It is an Indoor Grow Box with 3 different compartments for the cultivation of different plant phases. The divider between the shelf and the main compartment is a removable piece of Mylar. We remind you that you can use a tent according to your plantation.


It is a cabinet for crops from inside, it has a transparent window on the front door, the culture can be viewed without opening the cabinet door; many intake and exhaust pipes for correct ventilation of the culture space; removable double bottom, For easy cleaning, there is an external safety hook at the end to keep the door open if necessary.


The CultiBox Open is a Grow Box which has sides that open as if they were “windows“, while the XL has the same principle as the grow box classic with the fundamental difference of being in size more large.


It is a Grow Box very similar to the previous one, it differs in that it has all sides that open with a hinge instead of having a “window”. It is also an extremely inexpensive grow cabinet, suitable for growers looking to grow brilliantly and on a tight budget.

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