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Coco mix biobizz

The Best Substrate on the Market

Biobizz fertilizers are among the best on the world market. Their fame comes mainly from their efficiency and power. Using biobizz fertilizers is easier than you think, in fact you just need to stay within the recommended doses of the biobizz table, that is an indicative card of how and how many ml of fertilizers to use. Biobizz fertilizers must be diluted in 1 liter of water.

Fertilizers are necessary products for indoor, outdoor and hydroponic cultivation. They must be used to improve the phases of vegetative growth and subsequent flowering of all plants in any type of cultivation. There are various types of fertilizers, namely natural fertilizers, organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers.

Biobizz try pack indoor it is a pack of three fertilizers suitable for the entire life cycle of plants grown indoors, outdoors and also for hydroponics. These three fertilizers are respectively: Biobizz Bio Grow, Biobizz Bio Bloom and Top Max. Using them is extremely simple, in fact you just need to follow the recommended doses on the biobizz table for the respective growth period of your plants. Bio Grow will be used for the vegetative phase, Bio Bloom and Top Max for the flowering period.

Biobizz bio grow is an organic super fertilizer ideal for the vegetative growth phase of plants in any type of cultivation. It is one of the best products in the world and will allow the seedlings to grow robustly and in the best way. Bio Grow must therefore be used in the growth phase of plants, it is a nitrogen fertilizer.

Plagron pk 13-14 is a real booster that will guarantee the plants an extremely abundant flowering. It must be used during the flowering period in addition to a normal organic fertilizer ideal for the flowering phase, such as Plagron Alga Bloom.


Advanced Nutrients is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high quality npk fertilizers, in fact they are used by the majority of growers around the world. We at Eureka Grow Shop are official distributors of Advanced Nutrients npk fertilizers, in fact we guarantee all Advanced Nutrients fertilizers at a great price with fast shipping throughout Europe.

Advanced Nutrient offers organic fertilizers with a high nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content to allow plants an adequate growth and flowering phase, there are also root stimulating fertilizers and flowering boosters in order to guarantee an exceptional life cycle accompanied by the formation of inflorescences compact and resinous.

Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart

The advanced nutrients feeding chart is a special advanced nutrients feed chart for the dosage of fertilizers, it is a general table (therefore mainly for photoperiod strains), it is known, however, that autoflowering strains require less fertilizer therefore it is possible to adapt it for autoflowering plants simply by feeding the plants with a dose lower than that indicated on the advanced nutrients feeding chart (to be sure not to exceed).

Advanced Nutrients Feeding Schedule

Together with the order of an Advanced Nutrients fertilizer we provide a copy of the advanced nutrients feed chart on delivery. We release below an image of the advanced nutrients feeding schedule.

Advanced Nutrients Tabella, tabella advanced nutrients, advanced nutrients tabella autofiorenti

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