Neem Oil for Plants, What is it and How to Use Neem Oil on Plants?

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Any grower wants only the best for the life and health of their plants, so as to guarantee an excellent final harvest. Nevertheless, in any cultivation unforeseen events can arise, such as the infestation of parasites and insects on the plants. They can destroy our plants in a few days and even kill them prematurely, to avoid this, the amazing neem oil can be used.

You can use pure neem oil for plants on many types of plants including hemp, herbs, neem oil tomatoes, neem oil lemon tree, neem oil for geraniums, etc. Read this informative article, where our team of industry professionals at the Eureka Grow Shop will carefully explain what neem oil is and neem oil for plants how to use it to heal plants!

Olio di neem piante, olio di neem antiparassitario, olio di neem per piante

What is Neem Oil?

Neem oil for plants is a vegetable oil extracted from neem seeds native to India and Southeast Asia. Neem dm oil has an unpleasant odor and is therefore not used in cooking, but it is harmless to humans, animals and the environment in general, making it ideal for those who intend to pursue organic farming and biodynamics.

What makes neem oil spray effective against parasites, insects, fleas, ticks, etc. It is the presence of a group of substances called limonoids, whose most important active ingredient is neem A. These substances act by blocking the development of insects in the juvenile phase. Neem A, in particular, interferes with the hormonal system of insects, producing inhibitory effects of chitin as well as blocking ecdysone. It is an oil that is particularly effective on young specimens that have just begun their life cycle.

Its action occurs through ingestion and exposure and has a high systemic capacity for plants, i.e. it remains present in the lymphatic system and therefore acts over time (from 5 to 7 days). Neem oil uses are numerous, including neem oil for dogs, does neem oil kill ants, pure neem oil on the face (as a beauty treatment)

How to Use Neem Oil?

When to use neem oil on plants? The answer is very easy, that is when plants show the symptoms of parasites or insects. Using neems oil as a pesticide is simpler than you might think, in fact it will be enough to dilute about 1-3 of Neem oil plants in about 1 liter of water and use this nutrient solution to spray the plants, paying particular attention not to spray Neem oil for plants on the leaves and flowers of the plants, but only spray the stems.

Finding natural, safe and non-toxic pesticides that are truly effective for the environment and humans can be a very difficult task. Most of these remedies have limited effectiveness, so many people lose their temper and go back to chemicals. Neem oil spray is a natural insecticide as effective as, or better than, many chemical insecticides. Neem oil insecticide is effective against numerous parasites and insects, we present a complete list:

Olio di neem per parassiti sulle piante e insetti
  • Neem Oil Aphids: Pure neem oil is also effective against aphid infestations present in our cultivation. Aphids, also called gorges (or plant lice) are insects that can cause serious damage to our plants if they are not treated in time, these serious damages can be numerous including growth problems, yellowing of the fan leaves, very low, withering and dying of plants. Precisely for this reason it is extremely important to use neem oil aphids;
  • Neem Oil Mealybugs: Neem oil for plants is of paramount importance to use against mealybugs, mealybug in fact can cause serious damage to plant leaves and stems. Cochineal is an insect that devours the leaves and stems of plants and can cause the death of plants in short periods, so if your plant is affected by cochineal, hurry up and use Neem oil Mealybugs;
  • Neem Ant Oil: Minsan neem oil is used to neutralize the ants present in our cultivation of hemp plants, even if the ants do not cause damage to the plants, they can however feed on sugary substances that are present in the seeds. So if you have been sowing close to your ant infested plants we recommend using ant neem oil;
  • Neem Oil for Lice: Neem chogan oil is very important for lice infestations in plants, lice can cause death of plants by eating them up little by little from leaves to stems and roots, using neem oil for lice is a must;
  • Neem Oil for Ticks: Baking soda and neem oil it is a nutrient solution suitable for fighting ticks present in our cultivation of plants, in fact ticks can cause numerous potentially fatal diseases to plants, including tick fever, meningoencephalitis, tularemia and ehrlichiosis. We therefore recommend the immediate use of neem oil for ticks all tick-infested plants.

What is Neem Oil Used for?

Many novice growers ask us what is neem oil used for, the answer is very simple. Neem oil plants is used to counteract the invasions of parasites and insects in our plants and is extremely important to guarantee them a healthy and productive life cycle. In fact, neem oil for plants saves thousands of plants attacked by common but life-threatening pests every day, and we recommend applying it to plants when symptoms of certain pests are present.

It is possible to use Neem oil for plants on numerous types of pests, of course its effect would be greater when used against larval parasites, but it is still useful against adult parasites as it will always act as an anthelmintic. Here are all the pests where it is necessary to use neem oil pesticide: Whitefly, nematodes, black aphids, thrips, diptera, scale insects, hymenoptera, lepidoptera, beetles and grasshoppers.

Olio di neem, olio di neem controindicazioni, olio di neem prezzo, olio di neem come usare

How to Use Neem Oil on Plants? Discover the Neem Oil Dosage

Many novice growers ask us how to use neem oil on plants? The answer is quite simple. First of all, neem oil for plants must never be used purely on plants! Instead, it should be diluted with water, but since it is an oil it is not a very simple operation. In fact, oils are not soluble in water, so emulsifiers need to be added. Our team of experts Eureka Grow Shop instead of using the very common Marseille soap.

Marseille soap has the ability to dissolve neem oil in water and also facilitates the adhesion of the spray solution on plants, thus enhancing its effect. The correct neem oil dose depends on what neem oil you will be using: what type of insect you want to target, for preventive purposes or to deal with a persistent infestation. On average, 6-7 drops of neem oil are enough for 1 liter of water. In any case the dilution must not exceed 2%.

To best dilute it, you need to use warm water, it dissolves better, and remember to add a few tablets of Marseille soap. The resulting liquid can be sprayed directly onto the leaves and other pest-infested parts of the plant using a handy nebulizer, or it can be sprayed onto the soil to promote absorption by the roots.

This is a procedure that should never be done in broad daylight, but should always be done at night, possibly after dark. This product should not be used during the day as it is very sensitive to heat and if exposed to direct sunlight it loses most of its properties and is therefore ineffective.

This must be repeated at least three or four nights in a row before you see the first results. Finally, remember to always shake the liquid well before each use for the benefit of the neem oil-water lotion.

How to Diluite Neem Oil for Plants? Neem Oil Diluition

Neem oil dilution is of the utmost importance, in fact using pure neem oil risks ruining the plants if it is not used by a professional grower. Diluting neem oil is extremely simple, generally speaking an amount ranging from 3 to 6 ml of neem oil will be needed to be diluted in 1 liter of water.

We remind you to pay particular attention not to use excessive neem oil because being very strong it could also cause the death of plants, therefore, like everything else, neem oil is very important but to be used within the recommended neem oil doses.

Olio di neem piante, a cosa serve l olio di neem, come usare l olio di neem come antiparassitario

It is also possible to dilute neem oil using castile soap, even better baking soda and neem oil, or neem oil and castile soap insecticide recipe.

Where to Buy Neem Oil?

Where to buy neem oil? It is possible to buy neen oil on our website at a great price, as an alternative to neem oil in our catalog there is also neem cake, a special product similar to neem oil for plants, at a good price which ensures a safer neem oil dosage without risk to plant life, in fact correct neem oil dosage will be crucial!

Alternatively, you can also buy neem oil in physical stores or amazon neem oil. So, for all the growers who ask us where neems oil can be found we can confirm that it is available in our catalogue: neem oil best price with same-day delivery throughout Europe.

How to Make Neem Oil for Plants?

Many growers, as it should be, want to know every detail about neem oil plants before using it for their cultivation and the question is always the same: how is neem oil made? We can confirm that making neem oil is not complicated but you will need special professional equipment.

Naturally, the type of quality of pesticide neem oil depends above all on the type of extraction, in fact for neem oil production there are 3 completely different extraction methods, namely: Mechanical pressing, Steam extraction and Extraction with chemical solvents. To produce neem oil for plants it is necessary to start with the collection of the neem plant in the fruit silos, which contain the seeds from which the neem oil for plants is extracted, and in some cases the leaves can also be used, but these give much lower yields.

As already announced, we confirm that there are different extraction methods, but the method that leads to the best results is cold extraction, which is done with a mechanical system. Before pressing, neem seeds are always sorted according to their size and oil content.

Olio di neem per piante, come usare olio di neem sulle piante, dove si compra l olio di neem, come diluire l olio di neem

Neem Oil Properties

Neem oil properties are numerous, including antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic, both for plants and for our body if we choose to take it. Neem oil properties of extreme importance for treating plants in case of infestations or attacks by potentially deadly insects and parasites.

Furthermore, neem oil benefits of considerable importance for preserving the life and health of our plants, especially in outdoor cultivation. Neem essential oil is confirmed as a pesticide similar to chemical fertilizers and is extremely important for treating plants in case of attacks by insects and parasites.

Neem Oil Directions

Neem oil has no particular contraindications, as it is a very pure neem oil for plants, but it can be dangerous for plant life and health if it is sprayed on the leaves of plants or if a large amount of oil is used of pure neem oil greater than that indicated by us previously, in fact if sprayed on the leaves neem oil burned leaves.

Therefore neem oil for plants contraindications do not exist, everything will depend on the use of neem oil for plants that we make ourselves, we will be responsible for the health and life of our plants if we overdo it with neem oil for plants!

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