How to Roll a Blunt: 5 Step Guide on How to Make a Blunt

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Blunt weed are becoming more and more famous among hemp smokers, this fame derives from the renunciation of tobacco, in fact, unlike a joint in the blunt, the grass is not mixed with the tobacco, it will therefore be healthier and it will be real own purini herb that guarantees more intense, long-lasting highs and a better taste of the smoke with every hit. Discover our guide on how to make a blunt and how to roll a blunt step by step in an easy and practical way.

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What is a Blunt?

A blunt is a set of hemp inflorescences compacted by a blunt paper, or a particular type of joint papers formed entirely of rolled tobacco leaves, the presence of tobacco adds a particular buzz and energy to the effect of hemp. The blunt papers are sold in the major European headshops and have also reserved a post on our website, generally available in packs containing 1/2 blunt rolling papers. To roll a blunt it is also possible to use the paper of a cigar by emptying it completely and inserting the hemp buds inside it to create a real blunt paper.

Generally, blunts are larger in size than joints and also have a much longer life as well as a much longer and more intense high, the main difference between a joint and a weed blunt is that the joints are rolled using the classic rolling papers and filters, i.e. cellulose rolling papers and the reed filter. In addition to this, another key difference is that blunts only have crushed hemp buds, while joints are made up of a mixture of hemp and tobacco.

How to Make a Blunt?

Making a blunt is easier than you think, the only complicated part of the process is roll a blunt, which unfortunately discourages many weed smokers from choosing weed blunt over joints. First, let’s start with the first part of the process of making a blunt, and list all the tools you need to make a blunt easily and conveniently:

  • Hemp buds;
  • Blunt paper (if you don’t have one, use a cigar paper);
  • Weed Grinder;
  • Cutter.
Blunt papers, blunt, grass blunt, weed blunt

Step 1: Choose your ideal Rolling Paper

Before starting the actual procedure on how to make a blunt it will be necessary to choose the paper for the blunt, we will not have a wide range of papers available as for joints giant rolling papers available on the market, so we will have to adapt to buying blunt papers or we can opt for the use of a cigar paper.

If we choose to use a cigarillo we take our cutter and cut the cigar paper with a straight line and empty all the tobacco on the outside, a bit like we do with cigarettes when we roll a joint: in doing so, only a layer of paper will remain made of completely empty and clean tobacco leaves. Now we are ready for the next step!

Step 2: We grind our Hemp Tops

The second step will be even simpler, and all we have to do is take out our hemp inflorescences and chop them using a special and practical herb grinder, or we can use the classic method of chopping the hemp buds by hand, but we strongly advise against this because it will cause uneven combustion and could ruin our weed blunt.

As already announced, if we use the paper of a cigarillo, or a cigar, we must cut the wrapper with a cutter or a knife (all very delicately so as not to risk breaking the paper), after having done this we will have to move on to the next procedure, i.e. the moistening of the map.

Step 3: Moisten the Blunt Paper

The third phase of the procedure is relatively easy but we will have to pay particular attention not to ruin our blunt paper. We need to slightly moisten the cut cigar paper or the blunt paper, in doing so it will be much more manageable and easier to roll.

We recommend using water to moisten our blunt paper, or if the blunt weed is just for you (and not for social smoking) you can also use your saliva to moisten the blunt papers.

Blunt papers, how to roll a blunt, how to make a blunt, weed blunt

Step 4: We fill the paper with the hemp inflorescences

The 4th step will be the easiest of all and all we have to do is fill our tobacco leaf map with the hemp inflorescences ground with the grinder in the first step. Being much larger than joints, weed blunt need at least 2 grams of hemp buds but all this will depend on the size of the paper, in fact if you use the paper of a cigarillo you will only need one gram of hemp.

Instead, if you use the paper of a very large cigar, you may also need 3-4 grams of hemp! We pay particular attention to filling our blunt well and compacting the weed.

Step 5: How to Roll a Blunt

This will be the hardest step of all, as many smokers drop blunts due to their difficulty rolling them, of course it will take a lot of practice to roll a perfect blunt, a bit like at the beginning of every smoker in rolling a joint, so don’t give up if you don’t get much out of it during the first attempts, indeed take it as an inspiration to try and do better and better: sooner or later you too will roll a perfect blunt!

Blunts have a much thicker paper so it will be much more difficult to roll a blunt than to roll a joint. We start by rolling the open paper between the thumb and forefinger in order to make the blunt evenly compact by pressing the weed a little in order to give it the right shape and compactness.

Next, gently fold the paper under itself and wet the edge of the remaining inner area with saliva, then continue rolling and smoothing the entire surface until the hemp is completely sealed inside the blunt paper. Finally, before smoking our blunt weed we must seal it by using a flame, we can also say by cooking it, along the closure of the blunt paper.

Of course, to avoid burning the paper, don’t hold the lighter too close to the blunt paper while sealing it with the heat of the fire. Now we are really ready to smoke our blunt!

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