What is Shisha and How does it Work? How to Build a Hookah

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In Middle Eastern cultures, smoking shisha pot is considered a joy of life. With the opening of numerous shisha bar, the passion for hookah is becoming more and more popular in our cities too. A place with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, often characterized by ethnic decorations, which ideally transports us to oriental magic, where you can smoke shi sha in total tranquillity: a real ritual, a symbol of unity, friendship, brotherhood, and involving all five senses. Find out what is shisha.

First, the shisha is actually a visually appealing object whose function involves the sense of touch. Taste and smell are satisfied through the inhalation of smoke, while the bubbling water gently caresses the hearing. The combination of pleasantness and relaxation determines its growing success.

Premium quality shisha, hookah smoke with hookah tobacco

What is Shisha?

Many growers always ask us: what is shisha. Let’s find out the mister of what is shisha… The hookah, more commonly called shisha, is an instrument used for smoking tobacco made up of a small container of water, where there is also a spiral, which allows the smoke to become much cooler before being inhaled by the smoker.

The origins of the hookah come from the countries of North Africa and the Middle Eastern countries. Usually the smoke from the shisha has to be inhaled to enjoy the whole session of fresh smoke with a thousand flavors, but for anyone who wants hookah smoke can limit the damage to health (since in any case shisha is bad even if it is hookah without tobacco) by smoking shisha without inhaling the smoke. Many people wonder if is shisha bad for you, the answer is very simple: Yes, smoking is shisha bad for you!

In this regard, Dr. Kamal Chaouachi who studied the smoke of shi sha is very interesting, in fact he clearly explained that smoking shisha containing shisha tobacco (hookah molasses) is harmful, but not at the level of cigarettes, in fact, when molasses for sheesha is smoked, the toxic toxins released are significantly less than those contained in cigarettes. In fact, the smoke of the shisha is not burned (as happens in a cigarette), but heated (as regards the weed vaporizer), therefore our body will not be subjected to the phenomenon of combustion. Here is revealed what is shisha.

How to Use Shisha Pipe at Home?

Hookah preparation is a very simple process, more than you think, in fact you will need to insert cold water into the cruet (i.e. the glass container located in the lower part of the shi sha) until it submerges about 3 cm of the metal stem . We also recommend placing some ice cubes in the ampoule together with the water (so as to make the smoke much cooler and more pleasant).

We insert the hookah tobacco into the hooker pipe and cover with aluminum foil (with small holes on top) and insert it to plug the top of the hookah (the top of the metal stem). We burn two or three pieces of charcoal for smoking on a stove and place them on top of the aluminum foil. Finally, we wait about 5 minutes for the foil to heat up and we can start smoking the hooker pipe through the pipe!

Where to buy Hookah?

It is not at all easy to find a hookah bar or a specialized shop for the sale of shisha, but it is possible to buy hookah online through our head shop: in fact, in our catalog there are various top quality hookahs and shishas at excellent prices. Of course, we recommend buying a hookah shisha from a specialized online store like ours, just to make sure you get a hookah of absolute quality without nasty surprises. The hookah price is very low, in fact in our catalog we boast shisha price that are very cheap and accessible to all types of public.

How to build hookah, DIY shisha at home

How to Build a Hookah?

Build a Hookah at home is very simple, in fact it will be enough to use an empty glass bottle by making two holes in it with a burning iron stick, but pay attention: the size of the holes must be identical to the two shisha pipes that we are going to insert inside, in fact if the holes are too big the smoke will spread throughout the room!

Subsequently, we go to make another hole in the bottle where we are going to insert the metal stem and the hookah brazier, then we cover the upper part of the metal stem with aluminum foil and create small holes on it using a toothpick.

For a diy shisha, the best shisha charcoals to use are quick-ignition charcoal, which we are going to burn and place on the aluminum foil. Finally we insert about 3 cm of water in the glass bottle and insert the hookah tobacco in the brazier, to then start our smoking session with the homemade shi sha.

How to Light Hookah Coals?

As previously mentioned, finding a physical or online store specializing in the sale of shisha hookah and its accessories is not easy at all. However, it is possible to buy hookah coals online on Amazon at a great price. The same thing will be with regard to where to buy hookah tobacco, indeed as regards tobacco chicha it will be even more difficult to find, you have to go to some shop specializing in the sale of shisha tobacco or focus on some online shop abroad.

Does the hookah bust?

Shishes are not suitable for smoking flowers or any other type of drug. Smoking hubble-bubble doesn’t get you high. However, the tobacco in it will give you a buzz. You may feel lightheaded, relaxed, lightheaded, or shaky. Smoking shisha can also give you an upset stomach. This is more common if you smoke a lot on an empty stomach. The coals used to light shishes can make some people ill. The fumes from the coal can cause other side effects, including mild headaches.

As far as the alcoholic hookah is concerned, we can confirm that there are much more intense and long-lasting effects, in this case we can confirm that the hubble-bubble is busting and also very high, if the smoker decides to add alcohol to the hookah, the effects will be very similar to those of a drunk but much stronger mentally.

Hookah shisha, hookah smoke, hookah price

Electronic Hookah, what is it about?

The electronic hookah is an electronic chicha, similar in electronic operation to the Shisha Pen, to smoke molasses for this type of electronic hookah in a totally electronic way and it is the latest technology that the shisha market can offer us, it has an electronic operation and an elegant and precious design.

The battery heats the atomizer element, which in turn heats the tobacco. Instead, a Shisha Pen has an appearance similar to an e-cigarette, with one difference in particular: e-cigarettes are sold with nicotine-containing e-liquids, while Shisha Pens are generally nicotine-free and rarely use tobacco flavors, but are often used with fruit, berry, mint or other foreign tobacco flavours.

The shisha pen is generally small, non-refillable, and usually thrown away after use, they are also different from the outside, there are different colors to choose from, which are much more eye-catching than puffs.

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