How to Build a Hydroponic Greenhouse: Hydroponic Plants

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In this informative article we will discover cultivate hydroponics, or indoor cultivation systems that require particular attention given that it is a 100% organic cultivation method, therefore growing hydroponic plants will be exceptional to obtain the greatest possible yields. A hydroponic farm requires particular hydroponic nutrients, hydroponic substrate and a home hydroponic greenhouse, today we are going to analyze every aspect and we will also find out how to build a hydroponic greenhouse (DIY hydroponic greenhouse), DIY hydroponics in fact guarantees a huge economic saving.

Home hydroponic greenhouse, hydroponic system

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics, also often called hydroponic farming, is the cultivation of plants without soil, relying on water to dissolve the appropriate nutrients, so that plants can grow quickly and healthily. In short, hydroponics means growing hydroponic plants in water, it is a particular and difficult hydroponic cultivation system that guarantees very abundant final yields.

The etymology of the word hydroponics is to be found in ancient Greek, in fact “hidro” means water and “ponos” means work; in essence, the word hydroponics precisely identifies the work and the powerful effect of the water used, in this case for the development and cultivation of hydroponic plant.

Although hydroponic farming has existed since Assyrian times in Babylon, wherever there is a river or body of water, this type of agriculture was rediscovered in 1930 by Dr. Gericke of the University of California, Berkeley. Of course, hydroponic gardening at home have been improved over the centuries to become a real worldwide phenomenon in recent years.

How to Grow Weed From Seed Hydroponics?

Growing in hydroponics is not as difficult as you think, a few key ideas will suffice for excellent hydroponic growing. First of all, you will need a hydroponic greenhouse or a hydroponic grow tent and some hydroponic pots. The hydroponic net pots are available on our website at an economic price and accessible to anyone, the hydroponic pots are used to contain water and allow soilless cultivation.

After assembling all our equipment for hydroponic gardening at home, there will be nothing left to do but germinate the seeds and finally start hydroponics. In our online growshop there are also excellent quality hydroponic kits available that can be purchased at an economic price, using a hydroponic kit you will save a lot of money and you will immediately have all the material for cultivate hydroponics.

Starterkit hydro a+b fertilizers for hydroponics narcos

Hydroponic fertilizers, how to calculate fertilizer doses for hydroponic systems?

There are many types of hydroponic fertilizers on the market, such as Advanced Nutrients, Narcos and Snoop’s Premium Nutrients fertilizers, they are all high quality hydroponic fertilizers for hydroponic growing, in our opinion Hydro A+B hydroponic fertilizer is the best for excellent hydroponic farming.

Calculating fertilizer doses for hydroponic systems is also very simple, in fact, it will only be sufficient to follow the doses indicated in the advanced nutrients table, for the first fertilizations we recommend using half the doses recommended by the advanced nutrients table and increase slowly at each fertilization until you reach the fertilizer doses recommended by the advanced nutrients table.

How Does Hydroponics Work?

Creating a DIY hydroponic system to grow hydroponics at home is very simple, just use an empty bucket to create a hydroponic pot, a special hydroponic substrate, which can be purchased at a low price on our hydroponic shop near me, an oxygenator and an immersion pump. It will be necessary to assemble all the hydroponic system and start growing plants using a hydroponic system. To do hydroponics at home you will also need a hydroponic grow tent, you can find a hydroponic grow box in our online growbox catalog.

Hydroponic greenhouse: what is it about?

A hydroponic greenhouse is essential for the entire life cycle of hydroponic plants, it is a particular greenhouse suitable for hydroponic cultivation, therefore equipped with everything we will need to carry out excellent hydroponic gardening at home. Naturally, the hydroponic greenhouse serves to keep all the parameters of air, light and temperature constant. In fact, the growth of the hydroponic plant naturally depends on a combination of temperature, light, nutrients such as nitrogen, oxygen, pH and carbon dioxide to survive.

Nutrients can be supplied in dry, liquid or mixed organic form. Hydroponic plants are grown in hydroponic pots specifically designed for cultivate hydroponics or in a gravel or clay mix for soilless hydroponics. Water is then supplied through the tank and unlike traditional greenhouses, most hydroponic greenhouses use some type of medium to support root growth. For this very reason, hydroponics is often referred to as a “subirrigation system”.

Small hydroponic greenhouse, home hydroponics

How Much Does a Hydroponic Greenhouse Cost?

The cost of a hydroponic greenhouse varies depending on numerous factors, the main one of course being the size of the hydroponic greenhouse. Normally, hydroponic greenhouses have a price starting from 150 euros, but this can vary by increasing the price of a home hydroponic greenhouse up to around 1000 euros.

The motivation is simple: hydroponic greenhouses have truly incredible strength and durability and will be essential for good hydroponic farming. Cost of hydroponic greenhouses relatively low prices for anyone who wants to build one, and that’s exactly what we’re going to teach you today.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Hydroponic Greenhouse?

We always recommend buying a top quality home hydroponic greenhouse, but for those who decide to build a hydroponic greenhouse we can assure you that the cost is not excessively high and by building a small hydroponic greenhouse you will save a lot of money.

The cost to build a hydroponic greenhouse naturally varies depending on the size of the home hydroponic greenhouse, in general the price can vary from 50 euros to 500 euros, we also recommend evaluating the purchase of a fully automated hydroponic grow boxes on our hydroponic grow shops. shop if you intend to home hydroponics.

How to Build a Hydroponic Greenhouse: Complete Step by Step Guide

Building a homemade hydroponic greenhouse is very simple, of course an outdoor hydroponic greenhouse will need a transparent plastic cover (if you are growing using natural sunlight) and will need more work and money, while we take the case of a home hydroponics building home greenhouse hydroponics will be much cheaper and easier since few materials are needed, in fact a DIY hydroponic greenhouse requires few resources.

Materials needed for a DIY Hydroponic Greenhouse:

Home greenhouse hydroponics, hydroponic system, hydroponic farming
  • Net pots for hydroponics (available for purchase on our website at a great price);
  • Very large dark-colored container, which will be a root tank;
  • Hydroponics substrate (in the case of hydroponics with substrate);
  • An immersion pump;
  • An oxygenator;
  • Appropriate porous stones;
  • Polystyrene panel to fix the hydroponic plant pots;
  • Hydroponic nutrients.

It will be possible to place the internal hydroponic system in a hydroponic grow tent or create a grow room using an empty and dark room with the use of special cultivation lamps.

  1. Step 1: let’s start by drilling the polystyrene panel and insert the hydroponic grow pots inside it, paying attention to keep the upper part of the hydro pot well exposed to the light, then it will be necessary to make another hole in the internal area of the polystyrene panel with meant to get us through the submersible pump.
  2. Step 2: in the second step we connect the tube of the immersion pump with the air stone and then place it on the bottom of the large container, to then fill it with water and hydroponic nutrients to create a perfect hydroponic nutrient solution and close the container with a large lid.
  3. Step 3: the third step will be even easier, in fact all we have to do is insert the hydroponic net pots into the holes on the polystyrene, obviously inserting a little hydroponic substrate inside them. Subsequently, the seeds will finally be able to germinate and finally start our hydroponic farm in our DIY hydroponic greenhouse.
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