How To Build a Bong: Complete 3 Step Guide

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Weed bongs are increasingly used by smokers, with the main aim of obtaining stronger and longer lasting effects, avoiding the combustion of tobacco inserted in the classic joints and experiencing a stronger and more convincing mystical experience.

Glass bongs uk have different costs depending on the brand, the quality of the material with which they are created, such as the classic glass bongs and the size of the bongs themselves. In this informative article we will go through each individual glass bong with all the features and learn how to build a bong.

How to use a bong, ice bong

Glass bongs, an unprecedented phenomenon

Weed bongs are the most used all over the world, they have had international fame since the 70s, first in the United States and then expanding all over the globe. Nowadays, glass bong- can be found in any tobacconist, grow shop, head shop and smart shop, even in our catalog there are numerous glass bongs uk and glass bong for sale from the tightest budget to the most expensive and long-lasting top quality bongs.

The advantages of the glass bong are numerous, the main one being, as already announced, that there are bongs for any type of budget, such as small glass bong. Let’s evaluate together other fundamental advantages of the glass bong:

  • The bong is easy to use;
  • The glass water bong uses water to filter the smoke, smoke there will not be the harmful phenomenon of burning;
  • The bong is easy to clean;
  • There are many very inventive bong accessories to choose from;
  • The bong is durable and sustainable;
  • The glass bong is pleasing to the eye, many have very elegant graphic characteristics.

How does a bong work?

How a bong works is often not well explained, in fact a bong works thanks to three main elements: water, buds to smoke and the heat source needed to burn the buds. When using a bong, inhale with your mouth open at the top.

This reduces the pressure in the air chamber, above the water level at the bottom, then the atmospheric pressure pushes the outside air in through the bowl where the fuel material is. This is the working principle of a bong, knowing it is essential for all smokers who are passionate about this fantastic accessory.

Affordable and premium quality glass bong

How to use a bong?

For all novice smokers, or for those who have never tried to use a bong, the classic question is always the same: how to use a bong. Let’s start by saying that it is not a complicated thing at all, in fact even beginner smokers can be able to use a bong without problems, in particular, it is essential to insert the buds of the source of pleasure inside the bowl, submerge with fresh water to about 2-3cm height of the stem end inside the glass bong.

After having prepared the glass water bong, there will be nothing left to do but sit comfortably on the sofa, bring our mouth closer to the upper end of the inner tube, burn the inflorescences inserted in the brazier with a lighter for the entire duration of the inhalation of the smoke. We will get a very intense mental high in seconds, much more than that of a classic joint, and it will last much longer!

How to build a bong in minutes

Build a bong is not the best choice since they can be easily found on sale for a few tens of euros, but for smokers with an extremely tight budget who want to experience the thrill of a DIY bong before buying a bong professional we have prepared an engaging and fun technique for you to try with your friends.

Step 1: Get an empty bottle and cut a hole

To get started, you’ll need an empty bottle of about 1.5 to 2 litres, a bottle of water would be more than perfect. Next, take a paper clip and heat it well with a lighter to cut out a precise hole the size of the tube to insert about 5-6 cm high from the bottom of the bottle.

After doing this we are going to insert the pipe inside the hole, and in the external end we place a stove: this will be the brazier of our DIY bong. But be careful, the bong must be airtight, in fact the precision with which we have to cut out the hole must be maximum, otherwise the smoke will come out everywhere!

Step 2: Fill the bong with water and cut a hole

Step two will be relatively simpler, in fact we have to fill with water up to 2-3 cm above the first hole cut out where we placed the brazier.

We take the opportunity to make another hole in the plastic about 5-6 cm high from the first (which we will call carb), all with the aim of letting the oxygen pass into the bottle and take advantage of a truly unique vaporization!

Step 3: Let’s fill our artificial bong with smoke!

Small glass bong with graphics

The time has come to insert the buds in the bowl, then we plug the carb with a finger and with the use of a lighter we burn the buds in the bowl until the bong is filled with smoke.

After the bong has filled with smoke we have to remove our finger from the carb and start inhaling: now we can really enjoy our DIY bongs in the company of our dear friends.

Glass Bongs: The best bongs on the market

As already announced, there are thousands of weed bongs on the international market, including classic bong, Ice bong and small glass bong: each of these types of bongs has different and unique characteristics.

For example, in ice bong it is possible and advisable to insert ice into the pipe of the ice bong in order to enjoy an ice cold smoking experience! Instead, small glass bong are classic bongs with smaller dimensions, much more comfortable for travel and daily commute.

Where to buy a bong?

In our catalog there are numerous glass bong for sale, bubbler and pipes for smoking the buds, in particular each one is different from the other, but we at Eureka Grow Shop recommend the purchase and use of Bubbler Bong Marley Natural, one of the best on the market with excellent quality, a robustness never encountered before and the elegant style with which you can smoke your inflorescences, for a unique and never experienced smoking experience.

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