Best Weed Vapes of 2023: Why vaporizer weed instead of smoking a joint?

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In this informative article we are going to find out all the details about vaporizer weed, especially all the advantages of vaporizers between money, health and exceptional smoking sessions. It is in fact known that vaporizer weed instead of smoking a joint allows us to preserve our health, as we will not be subjected to the phenomenon of combustion and its toxic toxins as happens when smoking a joint. 2023 is upon us and we are ready to confirm, thanks to a popular survey of weed users, which are the best weed vapes of 2023.

Volcano Vaporizer: Desktop Vaporizer and Weed Vaporizer

How Does Weed Vaporizer Work?

A weed vaporizer has an entirely technological functioning, it would in fact be unthinkable that in 2023 all smokers still have to choose the classic and ancient joints. The weed vaporizer is an object used for the inhalation without burning of herbs. There are various models on the market and they differ in many characteristics, but they all have one thing in common: the purpose of a dry herb vaporizer is to vaporize the herbs, that is to vaporize the active ingredients, without letting them burn, in fact by burning the herbs as in a joint would lead to the production of smoke which would cause serious damage to the health of the smoker as he would inhale toxic substances.

According to different standards, weed vapes can be divided into many types, there are portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers, which can be convection vaporizers and conduction vaporizers. Any weed vaporizer works the same way: it heats the weed to the vaporizing temperature, which releases the active ingredient without the toxins that result from combustion. To do this, the dry herb vaporizer must conduct sufficient heat to the herbs in the heating chamber. When the heat reaches a certain temperature (which varies depending on the type of herb used), the active ingredient begins to evaporate, creating a vapor which is inhaled by the consumer.

Why Vaporizer Weed Instead of Smoking a Joint?

Vaporizer weed instead of smoking a joint is the best choice you can make for your health, in fact using a dry herb vaporizer we will have the advantage of not inhaling the toxic toxins deriving from combustion (as happens every time we decide to smoke a joint), the there’s one main reason: the vaporizer doesn’t burn the herb, it just heats it up!

Furthermore, by vaporizing the weed the effects will be much more intense and will also last longer, this happens because the weed vaporizer absorbs more active ingredients (which in a joint would almost all go to waste). Using a vaporizer will also consume much less weed, in fact smaller doses of herb must be inserted inside a weed vaporizer compared to a classic joint, therefore over time we will also notice a great economic saving. Health, better effects, cost savings and better taste: you don’t need any other reason to stop the joints and start vaping weed.

Desktop Vaporizers: Convection Vaporizer

In a convection vaporizer, the herb is only heated through channels of hot air, heating the herb and thus creating vapor. This typical technique is a bit more complex and therefore less suitable for portable vaporizers. Most desktop vaporizers use convection heating, but such a portable vaporizer is very hard to find.

The advantages of a convection vaporizer include better tasting vapor (compared to a conduction vaporizer), greater efficiency (more active ingredients from the herbs are heated), and greater vapor strength.

The downside is that the convection vaporizer heats up slower than the conduction vaporizer, and it’s more expensive (but it’s a great long-term investment to save money, get longer lasting effects and significantly revolutionize your sessions of smoke).

Weed Vapes, the best vaporizers of 2023

Portable Vaporizer: Conduction Vaporizer

The heating of the conduction vaporizer takes place through the direct contact of the herb with the heated surface, in fact it often happens that the walls of the heating chamber are heated by the kettle. Subsequently, when an adequate temperature is reached, a heating chamber (steel or ceramic) transfers the heat to the grass, which, driven by the heat, begins to evaporate.

Conduction heating has many advantages: First, it’s less technically complex and doesn’t require much energy, so a conduction vaporizer is smaller and less expensive than a convection vaporizer. Once the conduction vaporizer reaches the right temperature you can finally start your smoking session.

Most commonly, conduction vaporizers are portable vaporizers, a portable vaporizer is very convenient and often preferred over desktop vaporizers as you can take them anywhere you want – most experienced and avid herb users have at least one desktop vaporizer in their home and a portable vaporizer for on the go.

Best Weed Vapes 2023: So Which Vaporizer Should You Choose?

We have a wide range of weed vapes on our website, the choice of a convection or conduction vaporizer is totally subjective, but it is obvious that there are better quality vaporizers in our catalog compared to others. In particular, we would like to mention the Volcano vaporizer and Dynavap vaporizer which are still the best weed vapes on the market in terms of quality, price and elegance. Here are the best weed vaporizers of 2023:

Volcano vaporizer, volcano hybrid. Desktop vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer: Volcano Hybrid Silver

Those looking for the best desktop vaporizer to vaporizer weed in the best possible way should consider the new volcano vaporizer: Volcano Hybrid Silver. This new model incorporates state-of-the-art heating technology inside, which results in shorter heating times and better vapor quality.

This fantastic desktop vaporizer is for those who are serious about smoking sessions and want to purchase a dry herb vaporizer that will last for decades. The Volcano vaporizer is made exclusively in Germany with the highest quality materials and has a luxurious look. The elegant digital screen is equipped with a modern control panel that displays very precise temperature values throughout the period of use. Besides that, all the buttons are touch, which makes this volcano vaporizer unique.

DaVinci Vaporizer, DaVinci IQ2, DaVinci Vaporizer, Portable Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer: DaVinci IQ2

For expert weed consumers we have reserved the best portable vaporizer of 2023, namely DaVinci IQ2: it is a dual-use weed vaporizer, in fact the new DaVinci vaporizer guarantees all smokers a much fresher and more innovative vapor, a maximum flavor of the herb and even simpler and faster temperature control.

The DaVinci Vaporizer, DaVinci IQ2, allows the consumer to have a brand new experience in the herb sector, in fact with the easily adjustable airflow and monitoring of the herb dose it is confirmed as the best weed vaporizer of 2023. DaVinci’s exceptional story continues thanks to this new range of DaVinci vaporizers: DaVinci IQ2 has been built with the highest quality materials without any plastic or metal parts that can contaminate the herb and the flavor of the vapor, with an airtight vapor path air composed of ceramic, zirconia and a glass part guarantees excellent flavor and unprecedented purity.

Dynavap Vapcap, portable vaporizer, dynavap omnivap titanium

DynaVap: DynaVap VapCap

Dynavap Vapcap Omnivap Titanium is a very special portable vaporizer that has earned a place on our website thanks to its exceptional features, first of all it is made of titanium (practically an indestructible herbal vaporizer), it also has a special “chiral” ventilation system of the latest technology, all of which makes smoking sessions exceptional. In addition to this, it also has a special handle that is accessible to all and very comfortable.

Dynavap Vapcap Omnivap Titanium is equipped with the fantastic Captive Cap system, these are two indentations that have the task of locking it in position without the air flow being able to interfere. Dynavap Vapcap Omnivap Titanium guarantees temperatures from 150 to 230 °C with a very short heating time of only 10 seconds.

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