Indoor Grow Lights: Which one to Choose to Grow Indoors?

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Indoor grow lights are essential for good cultivation in grow boxes, in fact, without an adequate light source, the seedlings will never be able to grow and flourish in the best way.

Without lighting, plants would surely meet certain death, to avoid this and preserve the health and life of our plants, we recommend reading this informative article to discover the best led grow lights for indoor cultivation.

Pure led 720w Pure Led 2.0 range The pure factory

Indoor Grow Lights: Pure Led Expert 720W, the Indoor Lamp of 2023!

There are thousands of models of indoor grow lights, nowadays we can guarantee the public that the best led grow lights of the present and the future is Pure Led Expert 720W. It is a new grow light on the international market and at Eureka Grow Shop we can guarantee it at an extremely low price. The new range of The Pure Factory: Pure Led 2.0.

Pure Led Expert 720w, with a PPF of 2017 mol/s, efficiency of 2,8 mol/J, a Samsung LM281B+ Pro / Honglitronics SMD 3535 LED and a beam angle of 120° is confirmed as the led grow lights uk of the present and the future for grow indoors.

  • PPF: 2016 mol/s
  • Efficiency: 2,8 mol/J
  • Dimensions: 1125 x 1100 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • Input voltage: CA, 100-277 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Light source/diode type: Samsung LM281B+ Pro (2880 units), Honglitronics SMD 3535 (660nm-126 units, 385nm-24 units)
  • Beam angle: 120º

Pure Led Expert 720W Contents:

  • 1 720W LED fixture with power supply
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 x 3m Signal Cable
  • 2 adjustable pulley kits
  • 2 fixed suspension kits
Complete Led Grow Tent kits uk

Complete Led Grow Tent kits uk: A Cultivation Kit including LED lamps

In our huge catalog of indoor cultivation kits, we also offer the public an inexpensive Complete Led Grow Tent kits uk, i.e. a grow box kit including the cultivation cabinet, the grow led light, extra accessories for the indoor light and 12 seeds as a gift.

The fantastic peculiarity is that it is possible to choose each product among some selected ones, including:

  • Grow Tent with a size of 120x120x200 cm to choose from: Hydro Shoot Rev 2.0, Pure Tent 2.0, Dark Box DB, Cultibox Light Silver;
  • Led grow lights to choose from: Pure Led 480w, Lumatek Zeus 465w, Panel Led Super Slim 250w;
  • Lamp stands;
  • Latest technology digital thermo hygrometer;
  • Automatic analog timer;
  • 12 seeds as a gift of your choice.
LED grow lights for indoor growing in grow tent

Led Distance from Plant

Another fundamental factor to take into account in order to cultivate indoors adequately is the Led Distance from Plant which is very difficult to define for beginner growers. However, even for the most experienced growers it is not easy at all, we at Eureka Grow Shop can help you! In our opinion, the ideal Led Distance from Plant varies according to the type, power, light spectrum and light beam of the lamp used.

In fact, if you use a 250w hps lamp, the ideal distance from the plants is about 40-50 cm; on the other hand, the distance between LED lamps and indoor plants will be around 30-70 cm if they have a power of 100 to 400 watts, while for higher power LED lamps they should be positioned between 40-90 cm away from the plants.

24 watt led a quanto corrisponde?

Of course, 24 watt LEDs will never be enough to grow indoors, they won’t even be enough for a single seedling. In fact, we can say that 24 watt LEDs correspond to just over 1800 lumens, therefore it will not be possible to grow indoors with so little power.

How many lumens do i need to grow plants?

Lumens, as well as wattage, are extremely important for the growth and flowering of indoor plants. Each indoor plant needs an grow light of at least 2500 lumens, therefore if you grow more plants the same 2500 lumens will never be enough but much more powerful lamps will be needed.

Lumatek Zeus 150W, another grow light of remarkable quality

We could not miss the mention of a special grow led light for growing indoors, from one of the best brands in the world, namely the Lumatek, the Zeus 150w possesses numerous exceptional characteristics for an excellent indoor cultivation, in particular so we would like to mention its complete light spectrum very similar to that of natural sunlight. Zeus 150W very cheap price and accessible to anyone with the guarantee of super productive plants grown in grow tent.

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