Actitube Activated Carbon Filters for Joints and Cigarettes: The novelty of 2022

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Actitube is a manufacturer of activated carbon filters that can be used for cigarettes and joints with the aim of preserving the health of the smoker. It is a brand that is growing a lot internationally thanks to the remarkable quality of its products that are breaking through every barrier in the global market.

Actitube filters, activated carbon filters

Actitube Activated Carbon Filters for Smoking

Actitube Activated Carbon Filters can be used to reduce tar intake while smoking. The filter features ceramic caps on both ends for a cooler and more enjoyable draw. Not only do they provide a healthier alternative to smoking, they also enhance the flavor of every hit. The Actitube filter is made with activated carbon, which blocks harmful smoke compounds better than traditional filters.

They have a diameter that varies depending on the type of joint filters chosen and are perfect for rolling papers and other smoking tools. This special brand uses only fully biodegradable raw materials of plant origin in the production of activated carbon filters. The Acti tube activated carbon filter is reusable, but since its main task is to filter harmful substances, we recommend a maximum of 3 uses.

Filterless joint: the worst way to smoke a joint

Filterless joint are the worst way to smoke joints, in fact smoking joints without a filter is subjected to 5 times more combustion than a classic joint with a paper filter. Smoking joints without a filter is extremely dangerous for the smoker’s health, so if you have this habit you must change it immediately.

Activated carbon filters guarantee 80% protection from combustion toxins by retaining all dangerous carcinogenic substances.

How to use Actitube Filters?

Using activated carbon filters is extremely simple, which is why these filters are increasingly used even by novice smokers. Activated carbon filters ensure a much healthier smoking session by retaining toxic toxins that would normally be drawn into the lungs due to the combustion phenomenon.

Using actitube filters is very easy, just roll your joint or a cigarette and use our modern and authoritative acti tube filter instead of the paper filter or the slim filter.

Actitube activated carbon rod filters

Carcinogenic Activated Carbon Water Filters: Legend or Truth?

In recent times there has been a rumor that water filters are carcinogenic activated carbon: now you will know the truth about this matter. We at Eureka Grow Shop can confirm that this is an unfounded legend circulated online with the aim of discriminating against this type of filter: COMBUSTION IS CARCINOGENIC, NOT ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS THAT RETAIN THE TOXINS OF THE COMBUSTION ITSELF!

These activated carbon filters do nothing but save the life of the smoker by preserving their health in an excellent way!

Activated Carbon Filters for joints: The best on the market

On the international market there are numerous brands of Activated Carbon Filters for joints, of course we at Eureka Grow Shop only supply the best brand in terms of safety, efficacy and which offers the best possible flavour.

6 mm filters for smoking at its best

In fact, we at Eureka Grow Shop offer activated carbon filters for smoking rods of exceptional quality, in particular we recommend the 6mm filters, these are ultra slim filters and extra slim filters perfect for smoking rods and cigarettes in the best way. The 6 mm Filters in fact offer quality and comfort as they are thin filters. This is the new generation of smoking, a modern technology that amplifies flavors and at the same time cares about the health of the smoker himself!

How much do filters cost?

The price of these fantastic filters in our catalog of papers and filters is not excessive, in fact we at Eureka Grow Shop sell these special filters at a very low price. When asked how much filters cost, we always answer very little! We prefer to sell these filters at a very low price with the aim of expanding the culture of activated carbon filters and preserving the health of our loyal and loyal customers.

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