Rolling Paper Brands Most Famous of 2022

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Rolling papers are widely used in this sector, especially by smokers who use dozens of them every day, there are numerous rolling paper brands: among the most famous we find OCB, The Bulldog, RAW rolling papers and many other international brands, but which are the most used and most famous rolling papers of 2022? Let’s find out together with this informative article.

Most popular smoking paper brands of 2022

What are Smoking Papers and what are they for?

Rolling papers are accessories for smokers used to make cigarettes or to roll joints, they are widely used and in great demand nowadays, the only real problem in some states of the European Union is the too high price: in fact often for a booklet of long rolling papers in a tobacconist requires payment of 2 euros, an absurd figure considering the relatively low production prices.

All of this is due to inflation as up until 10 years ago a booklet of long rolling papers could cost a maximum of 1 euro. Fortunately, in our catalog of rolling papers and filters we offer our loyal and loyal customers boxes of long rolling papers at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy.

How to make a cigarette? Roll of Papers or Hand Rolling?

After buying a bag of tobacco, novice rollers never manage to close a drum, and often the question is always the same: how to make a cigarette? The answer is simpler than you think, in fact it will be easier to make a cigarette instead of rolling a joint, as the paper for a cigarette is shorter and easier to handle, in any case you can carefully watch the video tutorial on how to make a cigarette loaded on the our YouTube channel.

If you can’t make it even with a video tutorial, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal at first… but we recommend buying a roll of papers to start your experience as a roller in the best possible way.

Filter for Joints, how to make a perfect one!

Even with regard to the filter for joints for beginner rollators it is very difficult to understand how to do it. It’s all simpler than you think, in fact to make a filter for joints you need to take a piece of cardboard (one of those sold together with the long papers) and fold one end 3-4 times on itself, and finally roll up the other ends incorporating all the folds made on the previous end.

In any case, a filter for joints must naturally be clean and adequate, in fact in our head shop catalog there are high quality rolling papers and filters for joints at an excellent price.

OCB long papers for smoking joints

What are the Best Rolling Paper Brands and most used?

Nowadays there are thousands of different rolling paper brands, each with unique and therefore completely different characteristics! To choose the best brand of rolling papers, one should try them all while spending a large amount of money and risk wasting it on cheap rolling papers. With the aim of avoiding this nuisance, we at Eureka Grow Shop have collected, thanks to numerous surveys carried out in almost every country in Europe, different paper brands preferred by smokers.

Naturally, we are talking about internationally famous brands, i.e. Raw, Smoking, gray rizla rolling papers, Ocb, but that’s not all, we also find a new brand that has been growing considerably since its launch on the rolling paper market: Lion Rolling Circus, which today is the new big revelation of 2022.

Smoking Gold Rolling Papers: The great classic never sets!

The smoking gold rolling papers produced by the Smoking company are among the most used and appreciated this year, this fame is naturally due to their excellent quality. They are long gold papers that are impossible to break while rolling a joint, and are also thin papers that ensure an unforgettable smoking session.

The smoking gold rolling papers, among the best rolling paper brands, are long gold rolling papers characterized by a very slow combustion, so you can fully enjoy your joint) as well as being characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio.

Flavored Long Papers: The new trend of 2022

Long raw papers for smoking joints

A great trend this year is the use of long flavored rolling papers for smoking joints, it is a modern style and also shared by the biggest and best-known smokers from all over the world.

The long flavored rolling papers have very special characteristics, first of all they are thin rolling papers and slow burning in general, these special rolling papers are also present in our head shop catalog at a super affordable price.

Raw Long Rolling Papers: One of the Best Rolling Paper Brands in the World

In first place in the ranking we find the long raw rolling papers, a very famous brand all over the globe and also the most used and appreciated brand of rolling papers. The long raw rolling papers have various characteristics that should not be underestimated: in the first row we find the fact that they are very thin rolling papers, which means a great extra gear in rolling joints in the easiest way; another fantastic feature is the combustion which is very slow, in this way not a single shot from the wind will be wasted!

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