What is Neem Oil and when to use it to Care for Plants?

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Olio di neem per le piante contro parassiti e insetti
Vincenzo - Eureka Grow Shop

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Any grower wants only the best for the life and health of their plants, to ensure a great end harvest. Despite this, unexpected events can arise in any crop, such as infestation by parasites and insects on plants. They can destroy our plants in a few days and even kill them prematurely; to avoid this, the fantastic neem oil can be used. Read this informative article, where our team of industry professionals Eureka Grow Shop will carefully explain what this oil is and how to best use it for the health of our seedlings!

Olio di neem per parassiti sulle piante e insetti

What is Neem Oil?

It is a vegetable oil extracted from neem seeds originating from India and Southeast Asia. This oil has an unpleasant smell and therefore is not used in the kitchen, but it is harmless to humans, animals and the environment in general, making it ideal for those who intend to pursue organic farming and biodynamics. What makes neem oil effective against parasites, insects, fleas, ticks, etc. It is the presence of a group of substances called limonoids, whose most important active ingredient is neem A. These substances work by blocking the development of insects in the juvenile stage. Neem A, in particular, interferes with the hormone system of insects, producing chitin-inhibiting effects as well as blocking ecdysone. It is an oil that is particularly effective on young specimens that have just started their life cycle. Its action occurs by ingestion and exposure and has a high systemic capacity for plants, ie it remains present in the lymphatic system and therefore acts over time (from 5 to 7 days).

Neem Oil against Parasites and Insects

Finding natural, safe and non-toxic pesticides that are truly effective for the environment and humans can be a very difficult task. Most of these remedies have limited effectiveness, so many people lose patience and go back to the chemicals. Neem oil is a natural insecticide as effective as, or better than, many chemical insecticides.

Olio di neem per parassiti sulle foglie delle piante

Against which Parasites should Neem Oil be used?

Neem Oil can be used on many types of parasites. This effect would be superior if used against parasites in the larval state, but it is still useful against adult parasites as it will always act as an anthelmintic. Here is all parasites where you need to use neem oil:

  • White fly;
  • Nematodes;
  • Black aphids;
  • Thrips;
  • Diptera;
  • Cochineals;
  • Hymenoptera;
  • Lepidoptera;
  • Beetles;
  • Grasshoppers.
Buchi sulle foglie delle piante insetti e parassiti

How to use Neem Oil on Plants?

neem oil should never be used purely on plants! Instead, it should be diluted with water, but since it is an oil it is not a very simple operation. In fact, oils are not soluble in water, so it is necessary to add emulsifiers. Our team of experts Eureka Grow Shop instead of using the very common Marseille soap. Marseille soap has the ability to dissolve neem oil in water and also facilitates the adhesion of the spray solution on the plants, thus enhancing their effect. The correct dose depends on the use you will make of it: what type of insect you want to target, for preventive purposes or to cope with a persistent infestation. On average, 6-7 drops of neem oil are enough for 1 liter of water. In any case, the dilution must not exceed 2%. To dilute it better you need to use lukewarm water, it dissolves better, and remember to add a few Marseille soap tablets. The resulting liquid can be sprayed directly on the leaves and other parts of the plant infested with parasites using a practical nebulizer, or it can be sprayed on the ground to promote absorption by the roots. This is a procedure that should never be done in broad daylight, but should be done always at night, possibly after sunset. This product should not be used during the day as it is very sensitive to heat and if exposed to direct sunlight it loses most of its properties and is therefore ineffective. This must be repeated at least three or four nights in a row before seeing the first results. Finally, remember to always shake the liquid well before each use for the benefit of the neem oil-water lotion.

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