Hemp Seed Germination: Complete Guide on Germination of Seeds

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Hemp seed germination has never been a simple process, especially for novice growers but not even for the most experienced growers, for this reason our team of experts Eureka Grow Shop has decided to exhibit a complete guide for beginners and experts on germination of seeds. Read our informative article to find out all the secrets on how to germinate seeds. In our guide you will also discover how to germinate autoflower seeds, how to plant germinated seeds and all the details on germinate weed seeds in the waterand germinating seeds in soil.

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Hemp Seed Germination, what does it mean?

For hemp seed germination (or seed germination) is the first phase of our plant’s life. At this stage, favorable environmental conditions will be needed for the germination of seeds, the embryos in the seed starting to come out of dormancy. All parts of the plant develop, from roots to stems, branches and leaves, thanks to the substances of the metabolic process of the seeds and the nutrients in the soil.

The germination techniques involve germinate seeds in hydroponic jars or structures composed of materials such as rock wool, coconut or peat. But not only that, it is also possible to germinate weed seeds in the water and germinating seeds in soil, they are two completely different germination of weed processes and hide completely different secrets on how to germinate seeds.

How to Germinate Seeds? Find out where is the best place to germinate seeds:

Germinating hemp seeds is simpler than one might think, there are in fact numerous places where is the best place to germinate seeds, the dilemma is which method to perform between germinate weed seeds in the water, germinating seeds in soil and germinating seeds in cotton.

They are all 99% efficient methods to germinate hemp seeds, but some more effective than others: these listed below are the indoor germination methods that our team of Eureka Grow Shop professionals prefer and recommend to all growers, come on beginners to professional growers. Find out where is the best place to germinate seeds:

Germinate weed seeds in the water, how to promote seed germination

Germinate Weed Seeds in the Water:

This is one of the less efficient methods, but still valid and it is a fast seed germination technique. Germinate weed seeds in the water is a very simple technique, often used by novice growers. A glass should be filled halfway with water at a temperature of approximately 22°C. Seed germination time will be 3–5 days the seed will start to develop and the first thin white roots should appear. When they reach 2–3 mm in length, carefully remove them from the water and transfer them to a pot filled with potting soil.

Dig small holes in the ground and place the sprouts inside. After placing the seeds, install a led light 13-15cm away to promote the growth of seedlings. We recommend that you avoid giving excess water to newly developed seeds. Use a fogger to create a humid but not overly wet environment. By doing this, 99% germinate weed seeds in the water will be guaranteed, we recommend carrying out the entire process as described in order to avoid any drastic mistakes!

Germinating Seeds in Cotton, germinate seeds, where is the best place to germinate seeds

Sprout Seeds in Cotton:

Germinating seeds in cotton is probably the most used method by experienced growers, also because it is the most complicated technique in existence. Cotton is readily available and holds moisture well, so sprouting seeds in cotton is the technique where you will have a 99.9% chance of germinated seeds. You have to place the damp cotton on a flat surface, put the seeds on top of it, spacing them a few centimeters apart.

Then cover them with a second cotton ball, we specify that both pieces of cotton must be quite damp, but not excessively wet. Seed germination times are 4-5 days and may already have germinated, when the white root tips reach 2-3 cm we recommend planting germinated seeds. It is also possible to use the same and identical procedure with the seed paper germination method.

Germinating seeds in soil, how to germinate autoflower seeds

Germinating Seeds in Soil:

By planting the seeds directly in the ground, germinating seeds in soil you will displace the seeds while they are still fragile and delicate, therefore we recommend particular attention and above all a lot of cleaning. The method of germinate weed seeds in the water and the technique of sprouting seeds in cotton expose the seeds to temperature changes, therefore planting directly into the ground is much safer. To carry out germinating seeds in soil, the first thing you need to do is fill the pots with a top quality substrate, such as a Light Mix.

Many growers prefer to add water that stimulates root growth. Drill a 10 to 15 mm hole, this will be the new home for your hemp seed. Remove the seed from the package and put it directly into the light mix using tweezers, never place the seed with our hands as it is too delicate. Cover the seed with soil, taking care not to compress it too much, in fact the roots would find it more difficult to penetrate in the case of excessively compacted soil, slowing down the growth of the plant.

How to Germinate Autoflower Seeds: Seed Germination in the Dark

For autoflowering seeds we can carry out the same and identical germination methods listed above, but since we always want to learn all the secrets about hemp seeds let’s go see seed germination in the dark. In fact, we at Eureka Grow Shop recommend germinating autoflowering seeds directly in the ground using the technique of germinating seeds in soil, however there will be a fundamental difference from the previous methods, i.e. seed germination in the dark, which is a technique for germinating almost 100% safe autoflowering seeds.

Seed germination in the dark is an effective and very important method for seed germination, it will be necessary to germinate seeds in the ground but keeping the pot in complete darkness, the autoflower germination time will be approximately 3-5 days, when we see that the seed has transformed into a few millimeters high seedling we will immediately have to consider installing the indoor grow light.

To germinate autoflowering seeds, the seed germinator, also called seed incubator, can also be used: the seed germinator is a very small greenhouse used for the fast seed germination that can be purchased on our website at a very cheap and convenient price, we recommend the use of a seed incubator when germinating hemp seeds.

How to Plant Germinated Seeds?

Planting a germinated seed is very simple but also extremely dangerous, in fact if we don’t use the careful delicacy that mother nature requires, the germinated seeds could even die! How to plant germinated seeds is a dilemma that afflicts novice growers and we at Eureka Grow Shop will immediately explain to you how to do this will be the preparation of germinated seeds.

Germinate seeds indoors with traditional methods

First it will be necessary to do a little hole of about 5-10 cm depth in the light mix, treat the germinated seed delicately using tweezers, take it from the glass of water and from the cotton and plant it in a top quality substrate placing the white root tip downwards of the hole dug in the ground, then cover the hole with a little soil (without exaggerating with the compactness and the amount of earth, otherwise the seedling will struggle to emerge from the ground).

How to Promote Seed Germination? Find out the Germinate seeds Temperature

Naturally, to favor the germination of the seeds we must take particular precautions in order to preserve and not spoil our special hemp seeds. Here are some golden rules for correct germination of weed. For best results, we recommend that you follow these guidelines closely no matter which germination technique you choose.

Of all the factors to consider, temperature is the most important factor. Seeds are always looking for the least amount of moisture, but they use temperature to know when to germinate.

  • The ideal temperature is between 22° and 25°C;
  • The growing environment should be humid, but not wet;
  • The ideal relative humidity range is 70% to 90%;
  • Hemp seeds prefer LED lamps;
  • Try to handle the seed as little as possible, preferably using tweezers;
  • When growing hydroponically/with rockwool, the ideal pH is between 5.8 and 6.2 (use a ph meter).

Germinating Seeds Indoor: Environmental Factors

As far as Germinating Seeds Indoor is concerned, there are various environmental factors that must be kept in mind, in fact if these environmental factors are not constant and within the established limits, there will never be any Germinating Seeds Indoor. The environmental factors that allow the development of the hemp seed and the birth of the seedling are: heat, humidity and darkness.

In the constant search for moisture, the roots will slowly develop into the beautiful plant we all love. Under optimal conditions, seeds begin to develop within 12-36 hours of adding moisture to the environment. Times may vary. It all depends on the environment in which the seeds germinate. Even the cumbersome grower can germinate a seed, but it can take a few weeks, risking a weak plant.

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