How to Store Seeds from the Summer Heat

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When you buy excellent collectible seeds, of any kind, they become like a part of us, from which it is difficult to separate us. Once cultivated, the plants become real “daughters” to grow into adulthood. Precisely for this reason, no one would ever want that newly bought seeds would undergo a deterioration process; this would mean that collector seeds would no longer be of any use as they could no longer germinate. In this informative article the professional team of Eureka Grow Shop will list all the ways to store seeds at their best, especially in a dangerous hot summer.

Semi da collezione come conservare i semi in casa

Where Should Store the Seeds?

The conservation of seeds requires a dry place and not too hot in order not to create suitable conditions for germination, preferably even in the dark. Also, the seeds should be stored in a clean place to avoid plant disease spores and unwanted mold. Also be careful not to let fresh vegetable residues stick to the seed, rot can infect it. The ideal way to store the seeds could be a tin box, which repairs well but does not seal completely; although our team of professionals highly recommend a glass jar with a screw cap will do the trick.

How long is the Life span of a Seed?

The time it takes for seeds to germinate varies from cultivar to cultivar, but the medium seed lasts at least three years. For example, tomato and eggplant seeds can be sown for 4-5 years, peppers have a hard outer skin and can be kept for 3 years, leeks must be sown within 2 years and the chickpeas can wait up to 6 years. The best thing to do is always use the seeds from the previous year, the fresher they are, the better they will sprout, and depending on the plant, the seeds can be stored safely for two to three years. After a few years, the seed dies and therefore will no longer be of any use. The advantage of young seeds is that the husk, the outer husk of the seed, will be softer as it hardens and becomes woody on older seeds. For this reason, if the seeds are several years old, the plants are more difficult to germinate. For the germination of the seeds we can help them by soaking the seeds for 12 hours, perhaps in a glass of water.

Conservare semi in frigorifero in casa

Ideal Temperature and Humidity for Preserving Seeds

One of the fundamental factors for proper conservation is the temperature, which must be kept below 10 degrees Celsius to prevent the seeds from activating without the right growth conditions, thus triggering the germination process. The seeds generally keep well even at very low temperatures, which is why many growers decide to keep them in the refrigerator or even in the freezer. While this procedure, on the one hand, will not damage the seeds that can withstand up to -20 degrees Celsius, it will endanger them because they are subject to humidity, so the defrosting phase could damage them. If you don’t have other tools to lower the temperature, store them in the refrigerator in an airtight, dark plastic container. It is important to avoid humidity: if the seeds are not stored in a dry place, the nutrients inside will start to drain, triggering the germination phase. The ideal storage temperature is 4-9°C (also pay attention to fluctuations) and the humidity must be below 35%.

Preservation of Seeds in Light or Dark?

Light is an indispensable factor for the growth and flowering of plants, but darkness is essential for the seeds; darkness is essential for proper seed storage, preventing germination and the seed development process. For this, in addition to the temperature and humidity levels, it is essential to ensure that the seeds are stored in complete darkness, just like the bulbs.

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