The Best Rosin Press of 2022

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The Rosin press are presses for the resin extraction of the fantastic mystical flowers that we have cultivated previously. For an excellent rosin extraction there are various factors at play, first of all the flowers must be of excellent quality, for the press we strongly recommend Qnubu, as our notice the best presses in the world! Continue reading this informative article from the Eureka Grow Shop team, to find out all about resin extraction with rosin presses and choose your perfect rosin press.

Pressa pro idraulica qnubu per rosin

What are Rosin Presses?

A Rosin press is nothing more than a press, pneumatic or hydraulic, with adjustable heating plates that press the flowers until their resin is not extracted. There are portable rosin presses that work well, but there are also manufacturers that use giant industrial presses. You will also need nets or filter bags, which are used to introduce flowers or resin so they don’t mix with the rosin extraction. They contain pores of different sizes measured in microns, ranging from 25 to 190 microns. The other thing you need is rosin paper, which is a fairly non-stick silicone paper that wraps the links so that the resin sticks to them. Subsequently, with the help of a tap or similar tool, the rosin is easily collected from the paper. Rosin presses are available in dozens of designs, varying in size, shape and power. Some pneumatic presses help in the rosin extraction process because they work with a compressor activated by pressing a button without any additional effort. The most popular models of rosin presses work with hydraulic jacks. You can find them from half a ton to over 30 tons. The biggest problem is the shipping, but in terms of quality/price they are unbeatable. The best are undoubtedly the portable high performance presses, as they are light but extremely powerful. Portable presses that are not too heavy or take up a lot of space and have a pressure rating of 5, 6 or 10 tons are ideal for high yields and high quality solvent-free extracts.

How do the Rosin presses work?

To achieve a successful rosin, carefully follow the procedures indicated by the Eureka Grow Shop team of experts:

  1. Heat the digital plate by setting it to the selected temperature;
  2. Prepare the selected flowers, remove the branches and place them in the bag;
  3. At this point, cut out a piece of non-stick baking paper twice the size of the plate you used (the baking paper will fold in half afterwards);
  4. Put the baking paper in the plate, being careful to leave some paper edges around the plate;
  5. After the seconds, remove the vice, open the plate, remove the bag and this is the final product!
  6. You can now use a razor blade or other dabbing tool to remove the concentrate and place it in a silicone container for ease and handling and storage.
  7. After separating all concentrate residues, store the concentrate in a cool, dark place and dry.
Estrazione della resina, rosin e colofonia estratti

Ideal Temperature for Pressing Rosin

Ideal temperature for pressing rosin Using too much heat will burn terpenes and other compounds that make rosin so good. So you should stick to a lower temperature. For the flowers you can use a temperature between 104°C and 115°C for about 30/45 seconds. While for dry sieving they recommend between 80°C and 100°C for 45/90 seconds. As soon as you finish pressing, remember to remove the rosin as quickly as possible, this will minimize any degradation of active compounds and terpenes. As mentioned at the beginning, there is a relationship between pressure and temperature. While if you want to press cold, you need more pressure and a longer pressing time.

Pressure to Press Rosin

The pressure depends on the temperature you use, but also on what you are pressing. Flowers need more pressure, somewhere between 600 and 1000 PSI. Dry sieving requires less pressure because it is more concentrated. We would like to clarify that too much pressure can lead to a lower quality yield . So you can actually end up squeezing the plant matter into the rosin, with impurities, bad taste and inferior quality.

Characteristics of the Best Rosin Presses

When looking for the best rosin press, there are several things to consider. Shape of the plates: Rectangular plates work much better. The plate structure of an ideal rosin press is narrower and longer. This is because this shape maximizes the perimeter of your press. All you need to know is that a rectangular plate outweighs a square plate.

Pressa qnubu idraulica per rosin, colofonia ed estrazione della resina

The Best Presses for Resin Extraction

  1. Manual press: QNUBU/BOLT 1 Ton. Nowadays, concentrates can be produced at home with excellent results thanks to this 1 ton manual press that will take up little space. It fits snugly on a table for extraction and produces 1000kg of pressure which you can manually adjust. This machine can offer excellent results, both in terms of efficiency and quality of the final product.
  1. Hydraulic press: QNUBU/PRO 6 Tons. This press is industrial for extraction but compared to other presses it reaches a pressure of 6 tons and at the same time controls the heat. It delivers excellent quality results in the end.
  1. Pneumatic press: QNUBU/PRO-ROT 10 Tons. It allows us to perform high quality extractions without using solvents even at home and without the need for hazardous materials that can damage the product and ourselves. Rosin Qnubu heat presses are fantastic for applying the solvent-free separation technique. This form of extraction is simple due to its ease and low cost. Therefore Rosin is a technique that uses heat and pressure to separate the plant matter from the resin.
  1. Automatic press: QNUBU/AUTO LION 20 Tons. The Qnubu auto lion press of 20 tons is industrial for resin extraction, compared to other presses this can reach up to a pressure of 20 tons, also controlling the heat at the same time.
  1. Press under 600 euros: QNUBU/PRO 2 Tons. The Qnubu Pro Hydraulic Press is the smallest in the Qnubu family, has 300 kg more pressure than the previous version and has been specially reinforced.
  2. Professional press: QNUBU/PRO LION 20 Tons. It is a professional extraction press that works with the lowest temperatures to preserve the terpenes. The frame is designed to be able to withstand up to 20 tons of pressure. With Qnubu Pro Lion Hydraulics you have about 1235 PSI effective pressure and about 833 PSI of virtual pressure.
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