What is Grow Box Air Extractor and How to Choose It?

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Estrattore d'aria can fan iso max per grow box

What is an air extractor for a grow box?

In its form, a extractor has the same functionality as a fan. Its job is to recirculate the air inside the grow room so that your plants can breathe and thrive. Mother Nature uses the wind to do this. Plants are used to receiving the wind and have learned to use it for their growth paths . You have to remember that to grow indoors you have to try to replace everything mother nature usually does. You also need to be able to create the right breeze. Over the years, growers around the world have learned to grow their favorite seedlings better and better. This also led us to create more complex extractors, dedicated to grow rooms. Inside, the extractor always has its nice fan. However, this aims to connect the internal environment of the grow box with the external environment in the best possible way.

What is an Extractor for in the grow room?

Having a air extractor in a great grow room is important for a number of reasons:

  • By removing stale air from the grow cabinet, the chance of diseases and pests spreading between seedlings is greatly reduced;
  • Helps provide the right amount of carbon dioxide, which plants use to produce energy through photosynthesis;
  • Generates electricity, making so it makes the leaves move and helps the plants to become stronger;
  • It is your ally to reduce the odor produced by plant crops and replace it with fresh air and clean;
  • Prevents the grow box from getting too damp;
  • And finally, it prevents the thermal peaks from heaters and lamps.
Sistema di ventilazione ed estrazione d'aria per grow room e grow box

As you know, it is one of the essential elements for setting up a grow box and indoor cultivation. Aside from that, they are things that don’t cost that much, so the benefit/cost ratio works in our favor.

Air extraction system in the grow box, how is it composed?

A separate extractor is useless. In a grow room it is always necessary to have all the parts that lead to correct air circulation in the growing environment.

  • First, you will need a hose, possibly collapsible, which must be long to connect the grow box to the outside and wide to connect to the ‘extractor the right way.
  • The second thing you need is a fan that blows fresh air into the grow room: if you extract the air and you don’t let it in, you’ll create a void. And the vacuum cannot grow seedlings.
  • The third thing you may need is a odor filter, also known as a activated carbon filter, the purpose of which is to filter the odors of the air present in the extraction tube.
  • Finally, the extractor. This plugs directly into your grow box and allows you to blow air outside. Then the air enters the tube, then the filter and exits.

In Conclusion: How to choose the air extractor for the grow box?

Aspiratore d'aria per grow room

The extractors today are all very similar. They are fans placed inside the cylinder, so they are easy to install in the grow room and to connect to the extraction tube. What differentiates one type of vacuum cleaner from the other is the flow rate. The flow measures the amount of air that the aspirator can circulate in an hour. Usually expressed in cubic meters per hour: for example, a 300 cubic meters / hour air extractor sucks in the air every 60 minutes. There are so many on the market, some with more coverage and some with less. The choice should be made based on the size of the environment cultivation. First, you need to be patient to measure your grow room or grow room with a tape measure. At this point, multiply the height, the width and the depth of the box . For example, suppose your grow room has the following measurements:

  • 1 meter wide
  • 1.50 meters long
  • 1.60 meters high

The total cubic meters are 1 x 1.6 x 1.50 = 2.4 cubic meters. You need to know that to do things right, the air in your grow room must be completely changed at least every minute. This means that in an hour it has to go back and forth 60 times. Returning to the example above, we need an extractor capable of sucking 2.4 x 60 = 144 cubic meters of air per hour. This model is considered “basic” in the field of extractors and can often achieve higher flow rates.

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