Lighting LED vs HPS, What are the Differences?

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The grow lamps for indoor lighting are of fundamental importance for a cultivation in the grow box, in fact, without an adequate source of artificial light the plants grown indoors will never be able to grow and bloom at their best, and in many cases they could face death. In this informative article from Eureka Blog we will discuss the importance of two types of light completely different but of considerable international fame. Continue reading our article LED lighting vs HPS to choose your ideal type of grow light!

Coltivazione Indoor lampada led

The Importance of Light in an Indoor Cultivation

Light in indoor crops (both in soil cultivation and in hydroponic cultivation) is the most important element, in fact the plants must receive the right amount of light to recreate the cycle that directly provides the sun in outdoor crops. In indoor cultivation it is advisable to isolate the plants in a grow box that prevents the access of natural light in order to control the hours of light and dark. We recommend the timer which is very useful for regulating the switching on and off of the lights inside the various grow boxes. We remind you that in the growth phase (in the first weeks) it is necessary to provide 18 hours of light a day to the plants. In the third and fourth week of growth it is possible to reduce the hours of light up to 12, the plant will perceive the arrival of autumn (the shorter days), therefore it will begin to bloom before winter arrives. In any case it is not recommended to make the plant bloom when it is still too small and weak as it would not be able to support the flowers.

Lampada da coltivazione lumatek led Attis

Characteristics of LED lighting

The LED system needs energy obtained from the diodes, which have the main characteristic of emitting light. What are diodes? By diode we mean a component used in the electrical sector, which is formed by two terminals, it has the fundamental ability to let the electric current pass in one direction.

We find various types of LED lighting:

  • Standard LED, this luminaire contains many LED diodes with medium and low power. Their biggest advantage is definitely the price, but they have the disadvantage of having a low light intensity which reduces a lower yield.
  • COB LED, these are among the most efficient LEDs. Their white light is very intense and similar to the light spectrum of the sun which penetrate very well between the branches of the plants and guarantee yields higher.
  • LED Spread-Style, the Grow lamps spread style perfectly manage to combine all the main advantages of the original LED panels with the fantastic COB panels, it is also one of the most effective from the energy point of view.

Characteristics of HPS Lighting

Lampada HPS da coltivazione

The configuration of the HPS grow light is the most recommended because at the right moment it produces the best flowering results. In fact, for a long time, HPS technology has become one of the best lighting choices for Indoor and Outdoor Growing. There are two main factors that make HPS lamps a better option for flowering than others on the market.

  • The first factor is the reddish production which resembles the natural sunlight that a plant would absorb in the autumn seasons, resulting in the maximum production of yield of the plant.
  • The second factor is that they provide higher light intensity, and when it comes to flowering: the brighter the light, the better the results.

The best HPS grow lights offer a more refined yield or an enhanced spectrum with a higher blue gamut to promote vegetative growth. The recommendation is to replace HPS grow lights after 12-18 months of regular use. We give you a little tip:

  • For novice growers, it is advisable to purchase a 400W or 600W power supply if you have a large grow space. 600W HPS agro lamps are the most efficient, so it may be more efficient to install more 600W lights than other sizes.
  • A 150W power supply is not as efficient as the large models and will only be able to cover an area of ​​0.6m x 0.6m (space for 1-2 plants). Many models of 150W HPS lights come with built-in ballast and hood, which can simplify installation, and comes with a way to air-cool the light if needed.
  • A 250W HPS ballast covers an area of ​​ 0.6m x 0.6m, like a 150W, but will tend to better performance.
  • A 400W reactor will be able to cover an area of ​​ 0.9m x 0.9m. This is a choice used by novice growers as it creates less heat than its larger counterparts, but at the same time will bring important yields.
  • A 600W ballast is the most efficient of all grow lights and covering an area of ​​approximately 1m x 1m, they are very unlikely to cause light burn when properly cooled (unlike lights from 1000W).

Remember that the further the light is from the plants, the less powerful the brightness will be, but the greater the area covered by the light. We recommend brightness in a smaller space keeping the light as close as possible to the plants without burning them.

What are the Growing Lamps most used by Growers?

All the lamps listed below are fully capable of cultivating our passion of quality, but it is important that you match the grow light with your setup and your overall experience. To find the best grow lights you will need to understand the specifications of each device to use. LED LAMPS, CFL LAMPS, MH LAMPS, HPS LAMPS, CMH / LEC LAMPS.

Illuminazione led indoor

Choosing the best grow lamp (LED lighting vs HPS) may seem difficult, but know all the lamps we have listed above can grow our passion in excellent quality. We can give you some suggestions for choosing the best grow lights:

• If you are growing few plants, choose CFL which are the least expensive.

• If you’re thinking long term, choose LED it’s a worthwhile investment.

• The large cultivation spaces are equipped to support the lamps HPS, that is the historical lamps of the world.

Calculate the total costs before purchasing the lamp.

• If you are not an experienced grower, try to use the same initial grow light.

Comparison between LED lighting vs HPS

Now we can easily make the comparison to understand which lighting is better.

HPS LAMPS, Advantages

  • Very popular.
  • Low initial investment.
  • Light spectrum ideal for flowering.
  • They are suitable for cold areas for the heat they emit.


  • They need a power supply in order to function (preferably external).
  • Low operating life.
  • High electricity and bill consumption.
  • Loose wiring and manual connections of all the elements of the kit (power supply, lamp and reflector).

LED LAMPS, Advantages

  • They have better light quality than HPS.
  • Longer operating life, between 50,000 and 100,000 hours (3-5 times longer than HPS).
  • All In One products ready to use.
  • They take up little space.
  • Very low consumption, savings in bills and evident electricity load.


  • High initial investment.
  • The little heat emitted can generalize problems when used in cold environments.
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